Top Ideas for a Stylish Living Room

The one room in our house that gets the most comments, is the living room. It’s deceptively large and everyone seems to adore our sofa, as do I. The neutral decor is complemented by the black and lime green cushions on the sofa and we have tried to team that up with green accessories such as vases, picture frames and even the trim on the curtains.

Here are 5 top tips that I am certainly going to be taking note from to try and keep our favourite room in the house, in tip top condition. I also love finding new places to shop, so I hope you find these tips handy.

A stylish living room will always look warm, welcoming, up-to-date and interesting. If you want to maintain it in a most fashionable way, here are some tips you can follow.


  1. Watch the furniture. Make sure that your furniture pieces are always in good conditions. If they need to be reupholstered or replaced, do so. Old, broken, peeling items are definitely eyesores and they would just place a negative look on your living room atmosphere. If you are looking to replace some items in your home for more modern, functional and comfortable furniture items, consider the brand Mohd. It is known for elegance and functionality that brings originality to every home. The incomparable quality and timeless designs are reflective on the craftsmanship and beautiful designs. On ShopMohd you can choose from a large range of furnitures designed by the best of Italian brands like Minotti or Vitra.
  2. Keep it organized and clean. A living room is a place where you entertain guests or spend a lot of time relaxing or bonding with family. You can place all the most expensive and luxurious furniture and accessories but if it’s left unorganized or cluttered, you will never achieve the stylish ambience you want.
  3. Maintain a perfect layout. Consider how the room is and arrange furniture in the most comfortable and convenient way. Locate the focal point and organize the room by positioning furniture properly in order to create symmetry, balance and sense of space.
  4. Mind the colours. Never, ever mix colours that create havoc. Have a base colour and from there, blend one or two colors that complement each other. If your walls are neutral, you can choose furniture that come in bold, and bright colours to make eye-catching combinations. You can also insert items with interesting patterns and shapes.
  5. Use proper lighting. Harsh overhead lights all the time can ruin the ambience. It’s best to install lights that can be dimmed or can provide gentle glow to make the area look warm and welcoming all the time. On the other hand, you will also need good lights for instances when you need to read. M.J.         Thanks for the top tips, Mary.

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