Lots of fun with a Ravensburger Puzzle

I don’t know about you, but our weekends are crazy, crazy.

Having my step sons at the weekend, means that we very rarely have an afternoon when I can honestly say it’s relaxing. Football matches on a cold, wet, muddy field are hardly my idea of relaxing (forget chasing the 1 year old out of the muddy puddles!)

A recent rainy Sunday meant that football was called off; the perfect opportunity to chill out as a family.

And I had the perfect idea what to do.

I was recently sent a puzzle by Ravensburger. I do love jigsaws but nowadays it’s usually a 6 piece cartoon animal jigsaw with Lola or a 100 piece Disney Cars puzzle with Harley. We do have 3 Ravensburger children’s puzzles already so can already rate them in terms of quality, but I was looking forward to trying out one of their larger puzzles.

We have the Fit 4 Nothing Gym puzzle. When you see the competed puzzle you will know just how apt it is!

The puzzle contains 500 pieces. Inside the box, the pieces are stored neatly in a plastic bag. 

It also has an extra picture of the complete puzzle. We found this particularly helpful when there was more than one of us doing the puzzle. It meant we weren’t looking over each other’s shoulders to get to the image. So well done Ravensburger for this. Great idea.

Ready to get started:


We started with the corners and the edges.

The soft click technology makes it noticeably easier and less fiddly to fix the pieces together and then remove them.

Again, top marks Ravensburger because it’s so annoying when the pieces get stuck together or are difficult to piece together.

There was none of that here.

The puzzle was perfect for Luke and I and even Ethan who is 12. Connor gave it a good go for half an hour before he got distracted by a football.


Overall it took us about 2 hours to finish it all.

The puzzle had the right balance of challenge and success. The last few pieces were so frustrating!

Fitting the final piece:


IMG_4385 (1)

The image is a cartoon of a ‘fit for nothing’ gym. The lady at the vending machine buying cakes is brilliant! Our particular favourite is the man on the weighing scales that reads ‘one person at a time!’ And I love the lady on the bike with a Gin and Tonic.

 On nearly every single piece there is lots going on. The attention to detail in this puzzle is what held our attention the whole time. I didn’t even get up to make a cuppa!

It’s not surprising that the Ravensburger brand is as successful as it is.

It really was lots of fun.

The perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon.


I want to do another one, right now!

photo (39)

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7 thoughts on “Lots of fun with a Ravensburger Puzzle

  1. Ravensburger jigsaw are the best. I am a jigsaw addict and have dozens in our loft! I often find really good ones in charity shops.

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