Hey everyone.

You may (hopefully) have missed me recently.

I have had a little break from blogging.

It’s only been 17 days since I last took out the laptop but for me that seems like months when, on average, I try to blog 4 times a week.

The short break was more for the reason that life got in the way. And I couldn’t have been more happy.

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And I’ve loved it.

Life is good.

Harley has settled in brilliantly to his new school. We had his parents evening yesterday and I was bursting with pride as his teacher talked about him.

He received the Star Award last week, signed by the Headteacher. He’s doing so well.

Lola is blossoming into such a gorgeous little girl.

Every day, I hear new sounds and only yesterday she said “Bye Nana, Bye Papa” so clearly. It’s adorable.

My step sons are doing very well at school.

Connor is becoming a maths genius and Ethan, finally, scored a goal in his school football match, winning 5-0.

There’s only one day left of school before Half Term, when we have lots of exciting things planned. Most notably we are hosting a Halloween party for some of Harley’s friends.

I thought it would be a lovely way of meeting his new friends and putting a face to a name and also to get to know their parents.

So, with 13 kids in our home, I’ll let you know how the party goes. We will be having some halloween party food and playing some halloween games. All of which I will share with you after.

But here’s a sneak peek of our Spider Lollies that each child will be taking home in their bucket:

Making our spider lollies for Harley's Halloween party. #halloween

Fingers crossed it all goes well and the kids enjoy it!

So thank you for sticking around.  It’s great to be back!

Chat soon!

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8 thoughts on “Hi-dee-Hi!

    • Ah Debi, never! I’m desperate to come to the friday group again but everything keeps happening fridays at the mo. Definitely after half term, lola and I will be there. Hope you are well. Harley is so grown up now!! x

  1. Yeah, you are back…I missed you xx I kept on looking at your blog in case my email had failed to tell me of a post (not a stalker!!)
    Babes are looking gorgeous and I am sure Harley is thriving with you by his side. Wishing you a wonderful half term and party lots of love and please don’t stay away for so long again xx

  2. It’s lovely to hear all your news, I’m so glad Harley is happy – the first years are so important! Lola is gorgeous – love her hair and her smile!
    Enjoy half term and have a great Halloween Party!

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