Darcy Ward #DW43

If you read my Cycle Speedway post recently, you’ll know that Harley has fallen in love with the sport.

It’s a sport that he loved from the very first race around the track.

And as parents, we enjoy watching the beaming smile on his face as he races by us.

It’s done wonders for his confidence when meeting new people.

Yesterday, before the club started, the children were all called onto the centre of the track for a very important photo.

The story behind the photo, touched my heart, in many ways.

So I wanted to share the story with you.


You might be able to find Harley in the photo. He’s wearing his Union Jack helmet, stood next to the sign saying #staystrongdarcy #DW43.

Darcy Ward is an Australian Speedway rider who races for our local team, Poole Speedway.

At the age of 23, Darcy was considered to be one of the brightest stars of the sport. A true talent who helped our local Speedway team, the Poole Pirates, to win the Elite League title in recent years.

Darcy was injured in a track crash in Poland, a few weeks ago. A clip of his wheel with another racer, meant that Darcy’s awkward fall, broke his neck and back. This devastatingly meant that Darcy had no movement from his neck down.

Understandably, Darcy’s family, team, everyone connected with the club, the supporters, including my little family too, are deeply saddened by this tragic accident.

After a 2 and a half hour operation on his neck, Darcy was flown back to England.

This and his subsequent medical expenses have undoubtedly grown to an extortionate amount and continue to be, as he faces the long road ahead.

Ward’s official fund has been set up to receive kind donations to support his rehabilitation. A range of currencies are accepted if you would like to contribute. I know the whole team of people behind Darcy would pass on their thanks.

This week provided much promise when it was heard that Darcy had some movement in his fingers. Everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that this is the start of some very promising developments.

I’m sure all of you will join me in wishing Darcy much love and best wishes as he continues his rehabilitation.

We are all thinking of you Darcy and I have a 4 year old here, who has made you his hero.

Image courtesy of Google

Image courtesy of Google


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