Christmas Wishes from Us to You

With Christmas day only 3 sleeps away, we have some very excited children in our house, although in truth, they have an even more excited Mummy who can’t wait to see their faces on Christmas morning.

I still remember the feeling I had when I was little, going to bed on Christmas Eve. Too excited to sleep. The belief that I would see him if I managed to stay awake. The sheer joy that he had been when I saw my full stocking.

I will try my upmost to ensure that my children have the same excitement. An excitement that will last with them forever.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the build up to the big day.

It's Christmas in our house! xx

Lola made a Christingle at Toddler group today. She used a glow stick instead of a candle. x

Lola made a Christingle at Toddler group today. She used a glow stick instead of a candle. 

Harley wrote his letter to Santa (which is possibly the most precious piece of writing I have ever seen!)


Today, Harley received a thank you card from the Big Man to say that he had received his letter and that he knows that he’s been a good boy,  so keep it up! Many, many thanks to Royal Mail for such a lovely idea.

I made a Book Advent which went down really well. I thought that it would be a great idea to build enthusiasm now that Harley has started to read and to unwrap a book everyday throughout December. I bought a second hand book bundle on eBay so I only had a to buy a few new books.

Harley and Lola's Book Advent is all ready for the morning. xx

One of my dreams for Christmas when working from home, was that I would be able to watch Harley’s Nativity. It was so beautiful to watch. I had a little tear when they sang Away in a Manager.


We’ve donned Christmas jumpers to raise money for Text Santa:


and we saw Santa at Upton Country Park.


Lola wasn’t very impressed but the rest of us were!




Harley went to his school Christmas Shop. He bought presents for us all and whatever is inside that pretty little package, is my most favourite present. I know that he chose it just for me. I love it already.

What a wonderful school for setting up such a sweet experience.


The presents are wrapped and the stockings are hung up in anticipation.

I will still be creating Christmas magic a little while longer, so have a read of the things I will be doing and let me know if you have any christmas magic ideas, that I could use.

Lastly, as I’m sure many of you saw last year, if you look up to the skies late afternoon on Christmas Eve, you will see Santa pass through the sky on his sleigh.

It really was magical last year so I can’t wait to see their little faces light up again, shouting “There he is, there he is!”

According to Virtual Astronomer, this year Santa and his sleigh (actually the International Space Station) will pass over the UK in the late afternoon, rising in the west at 4.42pm, passing low in the sky and setting in the south east at 4.50pm.

Fingers crossed the clouds disappear!

So from my family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas.

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