Our 2015!

We have literally said Goodbye to 2015 and hello to a sparkly, shiny, new year. For some, saying goodbye to a fabulous year is hard and they will have everything crossed that the new year brings just as many smiles, laughter and memories. For others, they will embrace the opportunity to start a new year, a new start and be glad to put this year behind them.

For me, for us, 2015 was a fab year. It marked the start of a huge milestone but went far too quick.

Time really does fly…. too bloody fast!

So I wanted to look back at the last year, 2015, and recall some of our favourite memories.

Here’s a quick snapshot, if you prefer, or read on for my favourite pictures.

I made one of these Flipagrams last year and I absolutely loved looking back at it.

My little princess turned 1.

(It’s crazy that she turns 2, in 2 weeks)

Luke and I say that we gauge how long ago a photo was taken, based on the length of Lola’s curly hair.

I love this infographic and will be getting another one done for her second birthday in a couple of weeks


2015 was  a fantastic year for Harley taking up Sport. He started BMX club, Speedway and football.



Thanks for the #widn tag from the lovely @mrsp166 it's Tuesday so we are at Harley's Cycle speedway. He's just won his first race xx I wonder what @glasgow_mummy @skintdad and @aliceyoung8 are up to xx



Well, we do say he’s going to be our Pension!!!

The boys enjoyed Paddle Boarding:

They're Paddle Boarding. Next time, it's my turn! x

And my favourite photo from our Summer Holidays is this one. Cousins.

I have had many many comments on this photo. Namely that it should be the cover of a book! The lighting is just perfect and I love how people who know our family, can tell who each child is from their silhouette.


September was an emotional month, as Harley turned 5 and started school.

He is such a delight to be around and I miss him incredibly, every day when he’s at school. I’m chuffed to bits with how well he settled in and the progress he has made in reading in writing is quite incredible. He has made some lovely friends and we couldn’t be happier.


We held our first ever Halloween party for Harley and some of his new school friends..


I finally realised what everyone is talking about when they say Lola looks like Shirley Temple. I totally get it now!

Strangers have always stopped me in the street to say Lola looks just like Shirley Temple. She's definitely my little star. xx #lookalike #lola #shirleytemple

Christmas really did fly by. All too quickly. But we loved every minute.



So with 2016 now upon us, I will embrace it with full gusto.

I wonder what joys and adventures we shall have?

I can’t wait to find out.

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3 thoughts on “Our 2015!

  1. How beautiful, love your little roundup of the the year. I think as babes get older and especially when they start school it goes even faster. Here’s to a fabulous 2016 my lovely friend xx

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