Alphabet Photography Project ~ D

D  is for Decisions…

photo (78)

Most of you will know by now that my son, is an avid bike rider, at 3 years old. He is always asking to go on a bike ride, rain or shine! We were out this week when Harley suddenly stopped at this crossroads in the path. He looked up the signposts and said “Which way shall we go?” It was a real surprise as we always go straight on. I wonder what made him stop and question our usual route? We did indeed change our route this time and turned right at the signpost and made our way back home via an alternative, more hilly route! It amazed me to see the power in his little legs and determination in his face, that got him and the bike up the hill. I’ve no idea where the path on the left takes us, but I’m pretty sure he’ll make us find out!

photo (39)

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Alphabet Photography Project ~ B

This week, B is for bubbles…


We were enjoying an afternoon at the park when to Harley’s delight another little boy had quite literally the world’s biggest tube of bubbles! The wand was so big that it made the most amazing bubbles that blew all over the park. When the sunlight caught the bubbles at a certain angle, it made them appear to change colour. It was quite spectacular seeing balls of shining gold, green, blue and purple float through the air. Harley had so much fun chasing after them. He was so excited when a large bubble landed on his shoulder; I wasn’t quite fast enough to capture that on camera!

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Alphabet Photography Project ~A

I saw this idea of the Alphabet Photography from Charly at PODcast

Each week, you share a photo which represents a letter of the alphabet. The theme can be interpreted in any way. It could simply be an object which starts with that letter, a colour, or perhaps an emotion.

Now, I’m no talented photographer by any stretch of the imagination, my husband enjoys photography and has a snazzy camera but I simply take pictures on my phone.

So for the first week, this is our photo:

photo 1 (3)

The weather was lovely today, washing hung out on the line and a walk on the heath with Harley and Lola is one of my favourite ways to spend a morning. Continue reading

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