Is it different with 2?

I make no disguises for the fact that I enjoyed waiting for and hearing about the arrival of the 4th in line to the throne. Kate and William are a brilliant representation of our modern day Royal Family.

As they stood on the steps, outside the hospital, humbly showing off their new little Princess to the swarms of media and well wishers, I couldn’t help but think about how their lives will change now that they have 2 young children.

… How all of our lives as parents, change when we have another child.

Do we do things differently with our second child? Are the milestones just as special with a second child?

I have a 4 year old and a 15 month old, who, without question, are my entire world. But there is no doubt that things are completely different with 2. There’s no doubt, that you do things ever so slightly different, with your second!

A Poem for my Number 2


A second child to carry and name

Would I love you just the same?

For 40 weeks, my biggest fear

Was how I’d cope when you’re finally here?

Would things be just as special with 2?

Would I bond as much with you?

Now you’re here, my fears are gone

I couldn’t have been so completely wrong.

My love has grown, doubled in size,

My heart overflows when I look in your eyes.


I hate to admit that your Baby Book

Doesn’t get that much of a look.

Your toys are not all shiny new,

Second hand clothes, occasionally blue!

I’m far more lenient with your food

The age guidelines, I tend to allude.

Just as CBeebies has faded away

It’s back to haunt me everyday.

Baby-proof the locks and stair gate,

The High Chair is back and the plastic plate.

We mastered the potty, each number and letter

I wonder if you will master it better?

You don’t get my undivided attention

In and out of the car, too busy to mention.

When you wake in the night and we put back your cover,

We do it quickly so you don’t wake your brother.

But I can’t remember life before,

Your cuddles and smiles and toys on the floor,

Your curly hair and tiny feet,

Having you here, makes our lives complete.

So having 2, proves definitely

That Love can grow. Infinitely.


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On my Soapbox!

I will very rarely speak out and openly disagree with the words and opinions of a so-called ‘expert’ but quite frankly, the news I have heard today has infuriated me.

Ironically, on the day after Father’s Day, Psychologist Penelope Leach, says that as a general rule, if their parents are separated, children aged four and under should not be separated from their mother and sleepover at their father’s house. She goes on to say that sharing young children puts ‘adult right’s above ‘children’s rights’ and if young children are separated from their mothers and have to sleep over at their father’s house there is “undisputed” evidence that this “reduces brain development”.

I couldn’t agree more with the belief that the rights of the child should be put before the adult’s but where is the sense in stopping children from sleeping over at their father’s house? How on earth could that be seen as the wrong thing to do?

I completely understand that in some situations, it is indeed in the child’s best interest to not stay at their father’s but sadly, Penelope Leach is not saying that, she is making a sweeping statement that applies to all children under the age of 5.

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