2014 – You were pretty amazing

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With Christmas only a panic frenzied 4 days away, it means that the week after is New Year. We say Goodbye to 2014 and hello to a sparkly, shiny, new year. For some, saying goodbye to a fabulous year will be hard and they will have everything crossed that the new year brings just as many smiles, laughter and memories. For others, they will embrace the opportunity to start a new year, a new start and be glad to put this year behind them.

For me, for us, 2014 was an incredible year however it really has been the fastest year of my life. Never before has 365 days flown by quite as quickly as they have this year.

So I wanted to look back at the year that was, and recall one memory in a photo for each month.


photo (14)
Inevitably this was the most anticipated, exhilarating, breathtaking and overwhelming month of the year. We said hello to 7lb12oz of beautiful pink baby ness. Lola Mae arrived to make our family complete. She taught me that love can grow. Infinitely.


photo 1 (9)
Was a month where we tended to stay at home as I was still quite sore from the cesarean section. We had some newborn photos taken of Lola with Harley and I remember how romantic Valentines Day was, eating a lovely cooked meal by Luke whilst holding a crying baby!


photo (10)
March was a month to be oh so proud. When Luke’s not busy being an amazing daddy, he’s a brilliant teacher and his hard work and talent was paramount when he coached his Year 8 girls’ football team to a win at the National Championships at Wembley, no less! He got to walk up the steps where many of his childhood heroes have walked, to hold the trophy aloft.
He’s my hero.


April was when MyLifeMyLove was born. Being on maternity leave, I wanted a way that I could document our special moments and share the things that I love. I never thought that the response would be as great as it was and still is. Blogging has opened up some amazing opportunities for us as a family. We have worked with some fantastic brands and I can’t wait to continue to share our life with those who enjoy reading.


photo 2 (4)
May will be remembered, not simply for the self indulgent reason that it was my birthday but because it was the first time that we went out for a meal together as a 4. We went to TGI Fridays. I remember that it wasn’t quite the long, relaxing meal, or with as many cocktails as I used to have on my birthday but it had my favourite people around the table. And that’s pretty special.


DK Capture Photography and Studio Hire
At last, we managed to get a photo of us and Luke’s boys altogether. Someone is always usually missing. But we found a super Groupon deal at a local photographers. The boys loved having fun in the box and the pictures really encapsulate their personalities. We loved the final photo.

Julyphoto (11)

Was a real mixed bag of emotion. It marked the end of my maternity leave which was a real wrench. But it was slightly softened by it being our second wedding anniversary. My lovely friend, Sarah sent us to Aqua Sana Spa at Centreparcs for a special treat and it was pure bliss. Just us.


photo 3 (76)
As it was the Summer holidays, it was so nice to all be together for a whole month. Perhaps my favourite memory was going to Paultons Park and writing some guest posts for them on their website. It was the first time that Harley rode on a rollercoaster and his smile captured in these photos, says it all.


photo (12)
Back to school! But it was a busy month with Harley’s 4th birthday and going to our lovely friend’s son’s christening. We joke that Jake and Lola will get married, not that I’m into arranged marriages or anything but we are pretty sure they would make a beautiful couple!


photo 4 (58)
My favourite memory from October was going to watch the ballet with my mum and sister. The ballet was stunning; the men is flesh coloured tights were distracting; the evening was so much fun.


photo 1 (8)
We went up to Liverpool to have a tour of the Everton ground and watch a game. As an avid blues supporter, it’s perhaps inevitable that Luke’s boys would follow suit. We stayed in a gorgeous family hotel and spa while we were there. And it really was a weekend to remember.


photo (13)
And so to now. Lola’s first Christmas. She’s walking around so much and is in awe of the Christmas tree and twinkly lights. This year we have Luke’s boys for Christmas so it will be lovely to all be together. The stockings are hung, the reindeer food is made and the Christmas dinner for all 12 people will (hopefully) all be made without a glitch!

2014, you were pretty fabulous. Here’s our year, all wrapped up in 80 seconds. I was quite emotional watching this.

2015, I will meet you with a little trepidation as you mark my baby boy starting school. But I have high expectations for you. And I can’t wait to see what memories you have in store for us.

What was your favourite memory of 2014?

I’d love to see some of my favourite blogger’s year in pictures if you would like to join in, Emma at Life at the Little Wood, Catrina at CoolBananas, Steph at Diary of a MidLife Mummy and Jess at Mummy of Boy Girl Twins

Here’s wishing a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year to all of you.

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Mami 2 Five
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Cherish the Moments #4


My moments of the week are:

On Friday, Lola had her 4 month jabs. I always feel so mean taking her into the room as she’s giving me a beaming smile, blissfully unaware of the subsequent events! Her painful cry as a needle was jabbed into both her legs was heartbreaking. Essential yet so hard to see real tears run down her chubby cheeks. No more now until she is 1, phew!  Continue reading

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Cherish the Moments #3


My favourite moments this week are:


When we got home from picking Harley up from pre-school, I went into the kitchen and my heart melted listening to Harley talk to Lola. He was saying how much he had missed her and that she was his beautiful girl. People often ask me if the novelty of having a baby sister has worn of at all for him yet, but it’s most definitely still there. She is one well loved little sister. All her brothers are so affectionate with her. We’ll see if the love is just as strong when she grows older and wants to join in/destroy their games!  Continue reading

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Cherish the Moments #2


This week, my most cherished moments are:


As hard as it is to listen to, this week my sense of sound is most definitely depicted by my baby’s unsettled cry at night. She has been sleeping so well and I was only thinking last week how lucky I am that she lets me get some sleep. She would wake up about 4am, have a quick 10 minute feed and then go straight back to sleep. However, these last 3 nights have seen her not want to go back to sleep! 4am is far too bloomin’ early! Hopefully, it’s just a little phase…or is this just wishful thinking on my part?!


This week, my favourite sense of touch was when I had a headache (probably due to the early morning starts!)  and Harley said to me, “Come here, mummy” he made me sit down and started rubbing my head. It was not the most relaxing of head massages and at one point he did poke me in the eye, but the thought and the sentiment were there.


My favourite taste this week was midweek, when we fancied a cheeky takeaway. Luke and I couldn’t decide what we wanted (which is not like us, we always know what we want and always have the same pizza or Chinese.) We thought about just going out to one of our favourite places, Nandos, but in all honesty, I couldn’t face dragging the kids out in the rain. Since when did Nandos do takeaway? Have I been living in a cave all this time? Wow, it was fab. Harley had one of the kid’s meals which came with a side dish, a drink and frozen yogurt. Nandos in your own home. Thank you very much!


I love the smell of clean washing! My favourite product to use is the Gold Lenor, but this week they didn’t have any on the shelves! Somewhat disappointed, I decided that I wouldn’t let this creature of habit be bothered about the lack of my usual fabric conditioner and that I would give something else a try. Woohoo, I’ve found another one that I love and that smells delicious: Strawberry and Lily Kiss, Comfort.


This is my favourite photo from the week. I took a photo of Lola a few days ago and was looking through some baby photos of me. I couldn’t believe that she really is a little minime!

photo (19)

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Cherish the moments


Carefully placed around the clock on the wall, in my classroom, I have the words ‘Time Flies, Don’t Waste It’
So I’m trying to encourage ten year olds to appreciate life, but do I really practise what I preach? There’s no doubting that time really does fly. Seeing the changing faces of my first baby, who will start school next year, and my baby girl who has already put her stamp on the world and my sleeping routine, really encapsulates the somewhat scary prospect that time goes by, all too quickly.
So a note to self…Take a step back, appreciate and cherish the little things that might otherwise simply pass you by.
So I’m going to document my most treasured moments from the week using the senses:
This week, I heard Lola belly laugh for the first time. She was on daddy’s lap and he snuggled into her squishy neck. It was such a lovely moment. I managed to catch the tail end of it on video camera and keep playing it back to listen to it.
This last week saw ups and downs in the weather. It couldn’t quite make up it’s mind. So my sense of touch is depicted in the feeling of the rain on my face as I ran outside to get the washing in off the line.
Yesterday was my niece’s first birthday and my sister made the most delicious birthday cake for her. Traditional Victoria sponge, filled with fresh cream and fresh strawberries, all covered in a pink strawberry cream with white chocolate buttons. Not only was it yummy to the point where someone had to take the cake knife away from me, so I couldn’t eat any more, but it looked stunning on the pink and white polka dot themed birthday tea table.
We went on the most beautiful Bluebell Walk at the weekend. Aside from the sea of cobalt blue, the smell of the bluebells was so uplifting. It’s such a shame that this can’t be enjoyed all year round and you have to pick your timings carefully in order to reap the benefits.
This is my favourite photo of the week. I can’t fail to smile when I look at it.
Lola. xx

Lola. xx

I wonder what joys next week will bring …
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