Me time. Mum time. What’s that?

A few weeks ago, I read many New Years resolution posts from other brilliant bloggers. If you read mine, you’ll remember me saying that the idea of ‘New Year, New You’ upset me somewhat, because I question what was so wrong with the old me.
You might remember me saying that instead of making a New Years resolution to change myself, I wanted to make a promise to be myself and do more of what makes me happy. Well today is apparently the day when most New Years resolutions are broken.

I’m just going to put it out there and say it.

It might make my mum sad if she reads this, but when I look in the mirror… I’m just a Mummy. I know that’s the best job in the world and that’s the only job I’ve ever wanted. But where’s Ali gone?

2 cesareans have taken a toll on my never-flat-in-the-first-place tummy, my eyes look heavy and lack sparkle. My roots make my features look dull.

My husband is amazing and always tells me I’m beautiful. I doubt him. I know I shouldn’t.

Every parent reading this will know that you always come last. Always. It’s expected. But it’s too important for us to not have some Me Time, surely that only makes us better parents. And we all want that, right?

Of course it’s hard when you have two young children; two step sons; a job that requires me to have to take work home in the evenings; a house that screams “Clean me”; a husband that I want to know feels appreciated and loved,….oh yes, and then there’s me….right at the bottom of the pile but frantically waving back at myself as if to say “Hey woman, don’t forget about me!”

Recently, a lovely friend text to ask if I had enjoyed the Joules bath goodies that she had kindly given me for Christmas. Enjoyed them? I hadn’t even had time to use them? How have I not had time to enjoy a long, relaxing soak in the bath? That’s crazy!

It just really highlighted to me the importance of looking after myself, valuing myself and giving myself some bloody credit. I read in a study that women have just over 15 minutes of ‘Me Time’ a day….hmmm… I don’t feel like I even have that, some days!

So I made a long awaited trip to the hairdressers, painted my nails, bought a juicer and locked the bathroom door to enjoy a long bubblebath. Wonders will never cease, I even managed to drink a hot cup of tea, and finish it!

I dont want it to sound like I do the lion share of the work because I don’t, my husband is fantastic. He’s just much more laid back than me and finds it easier to leave any worries or stresses at the door.

So for me or for you, these are my best Me Time-Mum Time moments:


1. Have a bubblebath – minus the child screaming “Muuummy!” through the keyhole.

2. Read a magazine – trashy or intellectual.

3. Retail therapy – either online or the traditional visit to the shops method.

4. Listen to music – I’m a secret One D fan when I’m on my own. Have you listened to Night Changes? Wow it’s beautiful.

5. Eat chocolate – either the brown, black or white variety, whatever delights your taste buds.

6. Go out with friends – right, who’s up for meeting at Costa?

7. Go for a run – um, that’s supposed to be enjoyable, right?

8. Paint your nails – this always makes me feel pretty.

9. Watch a film or your favourite Soaps – my sister and close friends will now be saying… yeah right, Ali, football or darts more like.

10. Browse Social Media – Yay!

So to take a step closer to being the best person, mummy and wife that I can be, I’m off to have a hot bubble bath with a copy of Heat magazine, a bar of Dairy Milk, One D singing to me through the speakers and Twitter on my phone.

What do you do to get some Me Time?

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