Cars & Tyre Safety ~ ‘Precious Cargo On Board’

Becoming a parent means that you take on many, many roles and duties. Most of which you have never been trained in and most of which, certainly don’t come with a handbook.

But the most important role as a parent is to keep your child safe. An overwhelming responsibility from the moment that tiny bundle is placed in your arms.

I remember the moment when we first drove home from the hospital with Harley. We drove so slowly knowing our precious cargo was on board.

On our way home from Hospital

On our way home from Hospital

I often feel like I’m constantly in the car, going from one place to the next and I’m sure that as my children get older, I’ll become Mum’s Taxi even more so.

So it’s paramount to me that our car has everything fitted and working correctly as the right protection is essential, be it car seats, tyres, brakes, seat belts and lights.

Fitting the baby ‘bucket’ was so nerve wracking for me at, the beginning. We had an Isofix base to make it easier to simply clip the bucket seat into. I would recommend investing in a car with Isofix or purchasing an Isofix base as it makes it so much easier to get your baby in and out of the car safely. I used to check over and over again to make sure that the little red spot had changed to green!

And then when Harley was too big for his baby bucket seat, we had the minefield of which car seat to buy. I turned to to know the laws behind the ages, weight and height guidelines. How old do they have to be? How heavy or tall do they have to be? Front or rear facing? Can they have a Booster seat? And now, even with Lola, I’m referring to the legalities once again!

We turned to Halfords to help us pick our perfect seat. They made sure that the seat was fitted correctly in our car and definitely put my mind at rest.

First time in his big boy seat

First time in his big boy seat

I’m lucky that my lovely step dad used to be a mechanic by trade, so he is always checking the car over and keeping it in tip top condition for us.

To be honest he’s often nagging us about our tyres. He’s always telling us to pull onto our drive in a certain way to save the tyres from wear and tear and making sure that the air pressure and tread depth is correct.

The general upkeep of a car, is incredibly expensive and the tyres are a huge part of this, yet so fundamental to the safe running of a car.

Fortunately, Point S a leading car tyre dealership in the UK, sell tyres for every budget. The right tyres can be reserved online, no online payment is taken and then you collect them from your nearest local centre. I love how you can enter your registration number plate if you don’t know the size of the tyres you need and they will match it up for you. Perfect for someone like me who is not very car savvy.

I always make sure that I have a ‘Breakdown Survival Kit’ in the boot. I always seem to have a bottle of water and Baby Wipes on me but the other basic things I like to have with us all the time are:


Whether you drive a new or a used car, taking the correct safety measures are essential.

The cargo you have on board is far too precious to think otherwise.

What car safety tips do you turn to?

photo (39)

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“How old is your son, riding his bike?”

I’ve decided to write this post, as many people have stopped us in the street to talk about it, so perhaps you would like to hear about it too. 

Those of you who have read previous posts of mine will know that my 3 year old, Harley, is an outdoors boy. A stereotype, get your hands dirty, kick a football, type boy.  There are two things that I wanted to make sure he could do: Learn to swim and ride a bike. Well, he started swimming lessons this week, and the latter, he mastered when he was just 2 years old. 

To us as his parents, Harley never felt like a baby for long. I know it’s a cliche but he grew up far too quickly. Mine was the baby who was off on the move with me chasing after,  while others had their babies lying beautifully on the changing mat. 

At 10 months old, Harley could walk. His little legs seemed far too tiny to be able to carry his chubby body around. This is such a special photo. His first steps caught on camera:
photo (15)
For his first birthday, my lovely friend Emma bought Harley a yellow ‘Scuttlebug’. A fantastic small trike which collapses and folds up, very handy for putting in the bottom of the buggy or in the car. He absolutely loved it. 
photo (14)
His ‘Aunty’ Becky then brought him a trike which grew as he grew. The trike could convert to three different stages, from being pushed by me, to removing the sides as he got bigger. And herein lies the start of his obsession with riding a bike! 
photo (13)
Before he was 2, he was riding a scooter with ease, even pushing his back foot down on the brake. We had no intention whatsoever of starting Harley on a bike so young, but we were led by him. 

We were down the park one day when, on a total whim, we popped into the bike shop over the road and bought a Balance Bike. We decided to opt for a metal framed bike with proper rubber tyres as opposed to a wooden framed Balance Bike. Again, Harley loved it. We started him on the small grass bank at the park. He wobbled his way down it and promptly fell off at the bottom! But he was straight up and back on it. Everyday he would ask to go on his bike. He would push off and lift his feet up and giggle every time he was on it. 
photo (16)
However, he got more and more confident on his balance bike to the extent where I was actually on edge watching him because he would go so fast. He was fearless. So this was when we decided that a proper bike might actually slow him down a bit. 

We had an old Noddy bike in the garage so he had a go on that. We went down the local park again and tried him out on the path. Luke pushed him to get him started and he was off. I should mention that we never put stabilisers on his bike as he had done so well on the balance bike. We didn’t want him to become dependent on them. When we  came home from the park we videoed him. This is the very first video of him trying out a proper bike:

His little legs needed much more strength to keep the peddling going but he has his daddy’s determination to succeed and he just kept trying. Each time we went to the park with his bike he would tell us how far he would try to peddle. So he would try to make it to the tree, a little bit further to the bin, and further again to the gate etc. Again this was completely led by him and we went along with it.

I never imagined he would be riding a bike, unaided, at the age of 2. The number of people who would stop and watch, would make us laugh. His little head hardly fitted in his cycle helmet. He looked so out of proportion. 

As his third birthday approached, we decided to look at getting him a shiny new bike. A couple of shops looked at us like we were mad for asking for their smallest boys bike. Looking Harley up and down and saying they had nothing for someone so small. I felt quite put out. I wanted to prove to them that he could ride a bike and we weren’t completely mad parents. We took him into Halfords were they had a lovely range. He picked out a red fireman bike. Of course he picked out this one: it had an annoyingly loud siren and megaphone attached to it! It was detachable though, so all ok for us!! It was a 12″ bike and fitted him, just, with the seat at its lowest. He loved the little box on the back of the bike for him to keep bits and bobs in it. (He is currently carrying around a plastic water pistol, a whistle, and a Hot Wheels car in it!) Click here, for the link.
photo (17)
My mum gave him the bike for his 3rd birthday. It was and still is, his pride and joy. He’ll grasp any opportunity to get out on his bike. At first he struggled peddling up hill but now at 3 years old, he has mastered using the brakes effectively, starting from a still position without needing a push and even jumping down the curb! Now we can all go on a family bike ride together, over the Heath. Perfect, when the weather is being kind to us! 

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