My Sunday Photo

We have just bought an Annual Pass for one of our favourite family days out, Farmer Palmers. It’s such a perfect place to go to spend a whole day or just a couple of hours, they also have a great soft play area if it’s raining! Harley loves the Go Karts and riding the tractors.

I am not an animal person but I am trying to get Harley to enjoy being around animals. We like to go into the barn so that he can hold a guinea pig and he fed the goats by holding out a bottle of milk.

When we visited during the week, we saw the most adorable sight.

8 baby piglets having a feed.


I love the little pink and black one giving his mum and (39)


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Our Half Term week in pictures

If you’re anything like me, you will feel that the school holidays always fly by and you are already counting down to the next one.

Only a week ago, I had a very different feeling in my tummy: one of excitement for the week ahead; one of happiness to spend everyday, all day, together.

Regretfully, I sit here now with a different feeling in my tummy. Back to work, back to pre-school, back to the early morning rush, back to waving goodbye.

We had such a lovely week. Here’s our week in pictures:

photo (17)

Top left: We caught the little Noddy train at Hengistbury Head down to the beach. Lola slept the whole journey but Harley loved being on the train and especially the ice cream at the end.

Top right: A lovely friend had a pancake party on Tuesday and I was reliably informed that “Anna’s pancakes are much better than yours mummy!” We went up onto her rooftop terrace to admire the gorgeous view of the sea (hence my Sunday Photo) and managed to get a lovely photo of us four.

Middle left: We had Luke’s boys for half the week and managed to get a photo of all of them. Quite a task!

Middle right: We love going swimming and we went to the Wet and Wild session at a local pool. So much fun.

Bottom left: We visited Farmer Palmers and bought an Annual Pass so we can go as much as we want now. It’s perfect for a day out or just for a couple of hours. They have a new indoor area and Lola adored going up and down the slides in the hay barn.

Bottom middle: We spent a rainy afternoon at The Treehouse. It’s like an indoor soft play but it’s wooden with artificial grass. The kids love it there.

Bottom right: A game of Twister but the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle version.

I hope you all had a lovely week too. Not wanting to wish time away, it’s only 6 weeks until the Easter hols!

photo (39)

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Hello Springtime


All my friends will know I’m a bit of a sun worshipper. There’s no getting away from the fact that most people feel better, happier and more energised when they have warmth on their face and sun streaming in through the window. So when I sat down to write a post about my favourite season, most people would assume I would write about the Summer. I do love Summer. The long light evenings, kids splashing around in the paddling pool and of course the long school holidays!

However, Springtime has to be the time of the year when I feel that both I and nature come back to life.
There’s an old Chinese proverb…’No matter how long the Winter, Spring is sure to follow.’ Winter to Spring has to be when the world around us changes the most; changes for the better. It seems such a dramatic transition. Spring breathes life back into nature by painting it in such bright, vivid colours. I cannot explain how much joy I get out of looking at the delicate, pink blossom tree that our neighbours have in their front garden. I know it’s only going to last for a few weeks and that when the wind blows, the petals will end up all over our garden. But to me, it epitomises the change in seasons and is nature’s way of telling us that the cold, winter months are (hopefully) now behind us.
My favourite tree

My favourite tree

It’s the simple things in life, at this time of year, which make me happy: putting the washing on the line; watching my husband mow the lawn and smelling the freshly cut grass; having windows open and watching my children play happily in the garden without having to wear welly boots or having to towel dry everything down before they can sit on it.
It’s at this time of year when we always make one of our favourite family days out, to Farmer Palmers, in Dorset. The boys love playing in the straw bales and taking a bumpy tractor ride around the farm park. They love meeting and holding the guinea pigs. But perhaps the one activity which all the kids love doing is bottle feeding the lambs in the Animal Barn. Nothing personifies Springtime more than this. Click here if you would like to be taken directly to their website. Follow them on Twitter or ‘Like’ their Facebook page to keep up-to-date of events and activities.
Connor feeding the Lambs

Connor feeding the Lambs

The season of Spring will always be held dear to me as I distinctly remember the overwhelming warmth and love I felt from, my then 6 month old, on my first Mother’s Day. We went to Upton County Park and enjoyed the woodland walks, beautiful gardens and the simplicity of feeding the ducks. I cherish the moment that a brightly coloured flower held my little boy’s attention. It was the first moment I had seen that he too, was taken by the beauty of nature. This photo means everything to me:
My first Mother's Day

My first Mother’s Day

Spring tells us of it’s arrival through flowers. Driving past the sea of daffodils on the grassy bank near my son’s pre-school, never fails to make me smile. Unaware that I absentmindedly share my delight in seeing this sea of bright yellow, my 3 year old came running out of pre-school waving his attempt at drawing some daffodils, saying “these flowers make you happy mummy, don’t they!” Simply beautiful.
One of the most spectacular sights, at this time of year, is to go on a Bluebell Walk. We go to the Pamphill Bluebell Wood near Wimborne in Dorset. The wash of colour is stunning and somewhat bewitching. If you have never been on a Bluebell Walk, try to find your nearest wood and take a walk through the bluey haze. It really is quite something.

Harley loved exploring

For me, the arrival of Jersey Royal potatoes in the shops is another gesture of Springtime. The season of these small, sweet delicious potatoes is short, so we should enjoy them while we can. ‘Rosemary Roasted Jersey Royals’ is one of my favourite ways to cook these. You can find Jamie Oliver’s super easy recipe for these, if you click  here.  Serve them with your Easter lunch.
And finally, if you need a fun, quick and easy treat for the kids to make, try these Easter Pudding Pots:
The carrots are simply an orange chewy sweet  cut in half and shaped around green ‘laces’. Crush some Oreo cookies to make the ‘dirt’ and sprinkle it on top of the chocolate moose. You could add mini eggs or edible chicks.
Whichever season is your favourite, take a moment to inhale and absorb everything that represents the magic of Springtime.
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