My Sunday Photo ~ Daddy

As it’s Father’s Day, I had to share this photo as being one of my absolute favourites.


Daddy and a baby Harley.

Their silhouettes remind me of exactly what they were wearing that day. Harley had a cute fluffy jumper with a hood. He looked like a little bear.

It was taken on Luke’s camera using a long lens as they were much higher up on a hill than me.

It’s one of those photos that makes me all giddy and warm; thankful for everything I have.

photo (39)

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Mindful Monday ~ Wk 27

photo (4)

Hello to a shiny, new week.

My Mindful Monday is a quote that I have heard many times.

But now that I am home with my children, every day, the words mean even more.

FullSizeRender (1)

Things that I used to miss dearly: brushing our teeth together, making lunch and eating together, walking to the shops together, playing on the carpet together, watching tv together, a simple cuddle.

The little things, really are big things.

And for my beautiful gran who passed away very recently, she will never know how much I cherish the time I spent with her. The little visits; the hugs; the chocolate biscuits that she fed my children constantly! Holding her hand; her smile…. these were the littlest things that are the biggest things to me.

The littlest things, really do mean the most.

photo (39)

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