My Sunday Photo ~ Sky High

Last weekend we went to the Wheels Festival on Bournemouth Beach.

Monster Trucks, scooters and bikes galore, Harley was in his element.

Our favourite part of the day was watching the motorbikes doing their tricks in the air.

This is my favourite capture:


photo (39)

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Easter Sun Fun

Happy Holidays, everyone.

For some, I hope you have had a lovely two weeks, for others, enjoy one more week of the Easter hols. For us, it’s a weird one. My 2 step sons are staying with us for a week, however Ethan is back to school on Monday but Connor still has another week off. Despite the schools only being a 10 minute drive from each other, the different school holiday dates have made it a bit tricky for us, this year. Nevertheless we have tried to cram in as much as possible, to make the time off, one to cherish.

And hasn’t this week’s weather been stunning. T-shirts, sunglasses, suncream, washing on the line, and oh how pleased my feet were to see some flipflops. It’s been truly glorious.

Here is the first week of our holiday, with just some of my favourite pictures:

We were really fortunate to be given a chalet at Pontins for a few nights. You can imagine, Harley was in his absolute element; staying away from home, staying up late at the Disco! There were so many activities for him to do. He tried skateboarding down full size ramps and up jumps, for the first time and loved it:


He beat me at the Crazy Golf; we all went swimming (such a lovely, warm pool, perfect for Lola) and went on the Go Karts but I think Daddy secretly had the most fun!




It was so lovely to spend some time together, just doing things for the kids. And the best bit, it didn’t cost us a penny but Harley will remember it forever. And you know what, so will I.

photo (21)

We have also enjoyed the stunning weather, down the beach. We are spoilt for choice with our beautiful beaches here but as always, it confirms why we live here.

I love this photo of them together:


and this one, mid fall!


We also spent a lovely day at Moors Valley Country Park. It’s such a brilliant place for the whole family. The boys love doing the Adventure Trail walk, which is perfect as it encourages them to have a long walk through the forest, whilst stopping off at various play zones and wooden climbing frames. Ethan is 11 and Harley is 4, there’s not many places that we can go where all of the boys have so much fun, but this is one of them.



We had a picnic on the wooden toadstools and yes, I too question what I was thinking letting Harley go out in white shorts!

But I do secretly love seeing grubby hands and muddy knees … it’s a sign of innocent childhood fun, in my mind.

Here’s to another week of fun, next week. Let’s hope the sun continues to shine.

I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to.

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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Alphabet Photography ~ T

T is  for … Tide


I love this photo. It was taken exactly a year ago today.

Late September is still proving to be a month of lovely weather. We like to pick up some fish and chips for tea and take them down to the beach. At this time of day, we prefer to sit on the harbour side of the beach at Sandbanks. It catches the last bit of the evening sun and the tide is out such a long way. It’s quite stunning.

I love the silhouette of Harley holding onto daddy’s hand as they walk out to find the water. They had lots of fun, racing each other back to the sand.

In fact, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it’s sunny after work tonight so we can pop down!

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Bus. Ferry. Beach.

Today we decided to let Harley choose his ultimate day of fun. We were preparing ourselves for a day that cost the Earth, but we were totally enthused by his modest choice of a bus ride.

We do travel everywhere by car unless we walk to the shops or over the Heath so he was jumping up and down with delight when we said he could go on the bus. It was so sweet. He wanted to go on a bus ride to the beach and have a picnic. Fine by us, son! Continue reading

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Alphabet Photography ~ H

H is for… Hidden Haven


This week, I have even impressed myself with a double whammy for the letter H.

We are so lucky to live on the South Coast. I love it here. 7 miles of untouched soft, sandy beaches: award winning beaches. It really is beautiful and admittedly, there are times when we take it for granted. I do, however loath the busy summer periods when traffic and parking is a nightmare and finding a square foot of empty sand is near on impossible. However, we have found a true hidden haven. This photo was taken at the height of the school holidays when all the beaches were on the front of the local paper, illustrating how busy they were. The sand has a few shells and pebbles on it and is not quite as soft as our main beaches but for an uninterrupted view like this, it’s most definitely worth it. Best of all, the parking is free: an absolute treat. Forgive me for not divulging the exact location of our discovery, for otherwise it would be our hidden haven!

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