My Sunday Photo ~ Summer Nights

We have been lucky enough to borrow a beach hut for a week from a friend.

Now I love the beach, always have done, but having a beach hut doubles the love.

On Wednesday evening we went down to the beach for a BBQ.

It was amazing.

The sausages tasted even more delicious!

I took this photo of the shoreline while we were waiting for the BBQ to heat up.

I’ve put a filter on it, which I normally don’t do, but I loved the colouring.

You can see Harley’s little face peering out to sea, still with his bike helmet on!

And if you didn’t catch it on my Facebook or Instagram, I simply have to share this photo of the Smores we made!


photo (39)


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16 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo ~ Summer Nights

    • Is such a lovely beautiful beach that there is space for everyone! Apart from the height of summer during the day, then it’s rammed of course! X

  1. I absolutely love both of these photos, I could spend my days and nights at the beach, they really do wash all your worries away. How delicious are smores even yummier by the sand, love the bucket in the background. Have a lovely sunny day and many more beach night’s x

    • Thanks sweetie. I love the bucket and spade too, I want to say I intentionally put them there to be creative… But sadly not xx

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