My Sunday Photo ~ Silhouette 

A recent post of mine about making and remembering childhood memories, was all about taking our children to one of the places that my sister and I enjoyed as a child.

Very happy memories.

When we went for a walk, we found a perfect swing, tied to a tree.

Inevitably the kids all wanted a go and, well, I think this is possibly the most perfect capture. 

Even though it’s mine, I think it’s perfect, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree:


I love everything about this photo.

I love how you can clearly make out who the children are, for those who know our family, just from their silhouettes.

My step dad pointed out that Lola does indeed, look like a teddy bear. Her hair was in bunches (clearly lopsided bunches!) and they do look like teddy bear ears!

Someone on Instagram told me that it looks like it should be on a cover of a book. Wouldn’t that be wonderful.

This photo is my screen saver and I reckon it will stay there for a very long time.

photo (39)

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