Mindful Monday ~ Wk31

It’s an emotional week coming up for me this week.

My gorgeous little boy will leave Pre-School.

My heart is aching and my eyes filling up at the sheer thought of saying goodbye to his teachers, who have nurtured and developed him so well.

It has been his second home for two years and both he and I, will miss it dearly.

It’s not only the saying goodbye; it’s what the goodbyes represent.

He is no longer my baby boy.

He is my little boy at big school.

We brought him his new uniform the other day and oh my goodness, seeing him in it…. well…. that’s a whole other heartache, and one I’m sure I will share very soon.

But for now, we will cling on to the wonderful memories of a wonderful 2 years.


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10 thoughts on “Mindful Monday ~ Wk31

  1. I know exactly how you feel. Such an emotional time. Today was the last time I get to walk Harry to pre-school. They’ve had an amazing time there over the last 2 years and have grown and developed so much. I know that they are definitely ready for ‘big school’ but that doesn’t make saying goodbye any easier! Like you said, we’ll just have to hold on to all the memories! xx

  2. Oh I hear you…this was me last year with E as she left pre school to start p1 and I know what is ahead of me with C as he starts full time pre school in September but I think i will be worse!! How lucky are we to have these beauties as our children, the reason for many an emotional night!! Thinking of you this week and enjoying the holidays before our little people become bigger but will still and forever be our babies x

    • I love your comments. You always know what I’m feeling. I’m dreading it but also excited for him to start big school. I’m more anxious because he’s leaving his friends but I know he’s young enough to make more x

  3. I feel for you too x Although Emily left school this year, I remember Emily’ first day at Ad Astra. I spent 3 hours crying after dropping her off, and then cried when she came home buzzing with new friends, experiences and toys – Happy tears, but with the roller coaster of emotions.
    I know he will have a great time there and I wish him happy years of learning!
    Pen x

  4. Aw I can only imagine how emotional you must be right now. I’m sure I’ll cry like a baby when my baby leaves pre-school let alone starts pre-school. Think of all the lovely memories you’ve made and even better the ones you’ll make 🙂 x
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