Mindful Monday ~ Wk 41

We have spent and we will continue to spend many a cold, wet Sunday afternoon watching someone play football.

One of us is constantly watching Lola, quickly grabbing her if she is about to run onto the pitch or simply making sure she is occupied! 9 year old football matches can seem like hours… in the nicest possible sense!

Yesterday, we were at Connor’s football match.

Harley, Lola and Ethan were playing with a ball.

Lots of laughing and happy faces, no running onto the pitch – all is good.

Until ……

“Nooooo, Lola!!”

I turn round to see Lola sat, splashing around in a huge dirty puddle.

Her legs were covered in dirt and soaking wet. It was splattered all over back but of course, she was laughing.

Inevitably, in her white leggings and of course her new, white fluffy jacket.

We were in such a rush to get everyone out of the door in time for kick off, that the brilliant whiteness of Lola’s clothes didn’t even cross my mind.

 But jumping around in muddy puddles, is what childhood is all about, right?

For a toddler, what can be more fun?

I didn’t run over to get her out of the puddle.

Instead, I joined her.


Have a great week.

Let’s all do something that reminds us of happy times in our childhood.

I’m off to eat Angel Delight, Marmite wheels and do handstands against the wall.

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8 thoughts on “Mindful Monday ~ Wk 41

  1. Wow!!!! I love this post! We do sometimes worry about dirty hands, faces and clothes – but then again when kids are happy, we can just use wipes or the washing machine!!! I really think that if kids are happy, exploring new things and aren’t hurting anyone else then – go for it!!
    Bet you loved jumping in the puddles too!! X

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