Mindful Monday ~ Wk 40

This totally reflects my mindset this week.


It’s no joke or no coincidence that this week, my poor orchid lived it’s last legs.

My beautiful friend Sarah brought me a gorgeous purple orchid for my birthday. I was totally honest and told her  that I manage to kill every plant either inside the home or in the garden!

However, this gorgeous orchid has been blooming for the last 6 months.

6 months!!!

Nothing living (plant not human I should add) has ever lived that long. I was proper chuffed.

But recently the petals had turned a very pale shade and had crisped up. Despite all my efforts to save it, I couldn’t salvage it.

But hey, it lasted for 6 months, my definite record.

Thank goodness I can look after my children better than a plant.

So this week I most definitely am thinking.. ‘How I managed to keep you 2 alive but kill every houseplant I have ever known is beyond me!’

Have a great week, everyone.

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2 thoughts on “Mindful Monday ~ Wk 40

  1. I agree, unless it is green like an ivy or a fern, other plants have a short life span, I should come with a health warning for them lol

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