Our Halloween Party

Since the invitations had been given out, I had been thinking about the Halloween party that I was going to host!

It was Harley’s birthday during the very first week of big school, so as a result of him not knowing anybody in his new class, we didn’t have a birthday party for him this year. But I thought Halloween would be a great time to meet some of his new friends and their parents.

Up until this year, we hadn’t really done too much to celebrate Halloween as the children are too young for Trick or Treat.

I’ll never forget a few years ago when we lived in the catchment area for the school that Luke and I both worked at.  A whole host of zombies, witches and monsters would knock on our door and we never really knew who was actually who.
A skeleton knocked on the door and said “Trick or Treat, oh and is our homework due in tomorrow Mr. Simpson?!”

Obviously we are used to being asked when homework is due in, but not in the dark, by a skeleton, at your own house!!

Anyway, I digress!

We ended up having 12 of Harley’s friends over for the party.

They all came dressed up in wonderful, scary costumes and Luke and I had a go at it too:


We decorated the house from top to bottom:

Starting to get ready for Harley's #Halloween party.


Thank you for the #widn tag from my gorgeous friend @lynbown we are putting up our last decorations for our #Halloween party tomorrow! Not long to go!! I wonder what @mama_cox_tots @_mummylala and @coolbananasblog are up to x


One more sleep! Our pumpkins are carved and are ready for all of the little people arriving tomorrow for Harley's party. There will be no flames in our house, only battery powered ones. They are fab, I love how they flicker. x #Halloween

We didn’t have any real flames in our house. I was so moved by what happened to Claudia Winkleman’s daughter last year, that we only had battery powered candles. They look exactly the same and I wasn’t always on edge if Lola went near the pumpkins.

When each child arrived at the party, they had to guess the number of marshmallows in the jar. There were a whole host of guesses from 12 to 45 million!! But a very respectful guess of 120 won the jar of 186 marshmallows.

Then we played ‘Pin the Wart on the Witch’s Nose’. Blindfolded, each child had a sticky wart and when spun round once, they tried to find the witch’s crooked nose.

You can see from the picture that no one got it exactly on the red target but two were pretty close. There was a prize and a certificate for the winning wart!

We also played ‘Mummy Wrap’. Using two rolls of toilet roll, the children had to wrap up their partner to look like a mummy as quickly as possibly:


We were very impressed with this tidy, neat mummy!

We played glow in the dark skittles with a flashing ball. The skittles were simply milk cartons with faces drawn on them and glow sticks inside them.


We played Pass the Parcel to some spooky Halloween music and the lucky winner won a spooky magic trick set.

 We also had some slimey, slippery worms that the children had to stick their hands into to find a chocolate eyeball or pumpkin. The worms were just cooked spaghetti with some food colouring:


And we also had races to see who could eat their marshmallow the quickest, without using their hands:

FullSizeRender (94)

And like all good parties, we had some Party food, Halloween style.

We had some Grape Snakes:


Some Monster Mouths that were simply a slice cut out of the apple, I added a little strawberry jam (I have seen most people add peanut butter but to avoid allergies I used jam and I think it looks more effective and colourful) then some small marshmallows for teeth and a slice of strawberry for a tongue:

Some Marshmallow and Kiwi Monsters:

Some Gingerbread Skeletons. I got the gingerbread men ready made and just added the white piping:

Some Witches Fingers. Basic cookie mixture with green food colouring and almonds for nails. I think I should have been braver with the green food colouring!

I got the recipe here from the lovely Julia over at Rainbeaubelle. You can find out how to make Cobweb Cakes too!

And some Halloween cupcakes on a fabulous cake stand from Matalan:

And how fab is our brain jelly…

FullSizeRender (96)

I also made some Strawberry Ghosts that were simply whole strawberries, dipped into melted white chocolate with chocolate chips for eyes. When you place the strawberry onto the plate, the trail of melted chocolate looks like the bottom of the ghost.

The Oreo Spiders were simply Mint Matchmakers cut up for legs and placed next to an Oreo biscuit.

And also Boooonanas. Bananas cut in half and chocolate chips for eyes. Although these went brown quite quickly.

For sandwiches we had ham Bats, jam Pumpkins and cheesey Ghosts.

You can also see the orange pumpkins at the bottom of the table, which were simply a small piece of celery for the stalk placed into a peeled satsuma:


We finished the party with a Pinata. It was almost too brilliant to break it.


All the children had a good go at it but it wouldn’t break … (too well made!)


A few hits from one of the dads did the trick!

All the children took home a bucket with some Halloween treats inside. Including the Spider Lollies that we made:



Making our spider lollies for Harley's Halloween party. #halloween

I hope all the kids had a fab time, I know Harley did.

And a quick note to all of the parents who came ….. sorry for sending your child home on a sugar rush just before bedtime!

photo (39)

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    • Thank you, Becky! The food looked great altogether! I nearly didn’t play the marshmallow game because I thought it might be too tricky for them but they were so good at it!! X

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