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I was so lucky to have very ‘easy’ pregnancies with both my son and daughter. I had none of the typical morning sickness and to my disappointment, I had no bizarre cravings. I did have hideous heart burn though, which I could have done without!  Despite feeling well all the way through, I was put in the High Risk group because I had a fibroid. Luckily this caused me no problems or pain but it did mean that I had lots more scans which I counted as a blessing. 

My first labour was not text book (if any labours can be textbook?!) I was induced at 41 weeks and after 16 hours ended up having an emergency caesarean section. Fortunately, Harley was happy and well but it was terrifying to have a swarm of doctors and midwives enter the room and be told we had to go into theatre. I therefore had an elective section with my daughter, Lola and the whole experience was inevitably so much more calming.

Despite being very lucky myself and enjoying my pregnancies, I have had friends whose experiences haven’t been as positive, even seeing some friends go through awful, heart breaking tragedies. So I have joined up with a team of mums and Healthcare Professionals to become a MAMA Academy Ambassador.

MAMA Academy is a registered charity which works alongside The Royal College of Midwives. The aim of MAMA Academy is to equip all expectant mums with vital knowledge and education to have a healthy pregnancy and support midwives to aid consistency of maternity care across the UK. Click here to be taken to their website.

Mother’s Instinct will kick in the moment you see the blue line appear on that little stick but mums-to-be can now use the website to arm themselves with further knowledge about their pregnancy. The ‘Be Educated’ section, gives tips and advice on which foods to enjoy and avoid; essential vitamins; maintaining your own healthy lifestyle and monitoring baby’s movements.

There is also a really helpful section on the website which shares the importance of knowing what’s in that tatty folder of notes you carry around everywhere with you for 40 weeks! There is advice on when to call your midwife or what happens if you develop certain conditions during pregnancy.

The MAMA Academy is a new charity so get in touch if you have any fab ideas or would like to organise a fundraising event to support the charity. So all new and expectant mums, click here to arm yourself with a wealth of invaluable knowledge because…

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