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Those of you who have read my blog since the start, will know that I have written a couple of posts about how much my son loves being on his bike and how he started riding from a very early age.

Still only 4, his love of cycling stepped up a notch when we watched the World Team Cup Final of the Cycle Speedway, live.

As we were watching, I knew the inevitable words would come of Harley’s mouth “I want to do that, Mummy.”

I honestly thought it would be years until he would be old enough to join a club were he could practice racing but thanks to the power of social media, we found out that the exact track where we watched the Worlds, held a Cycle Speedway club, every week.

Last week he went along for a trial.

3 words….

He loved it.

This week, he had his own gloves and he was all set.

I’m always proud of him, but watching his self belief and confidence, coupled with his complete fearlessness, I wasn’t just proud, I totally admired him. I would never have had the belief and confidence when I was young, to throw myself into an event that I had never done before, let alone with lots of people watching.

The children race against others of similar ability and they get about 5 races each.

Off for a warm up:


Not that we are competitive (honest), we tried to explain to Harley that taking the track close to the bend, would give him an advantage.

He even remembered watching the pros at the World Cup, putting their foot down on the track when they took the bend!


The children are staggered at the start line according to their speed.

I managed to get a little clip of one of Harley’s races. He starts further back from the start line, in the dark clothing, wearing the GB helmet:

He nearly got pipped to the finish line but he just manages to sprint to the finish in 1st place!

With wonderful staff, lovely team spirit and a view of the harbour from the track, we have definitely made this club part of our weekly routine.

At £1.50 (and even a cafe to buy hot food and drinks) I may well be counting down the sleeps like Harley does!

It’s always lovely to watch your children take part in something they truly love, but for us, this has given Harley confidence not only in his own ability but in himself. He was chatting away to the adults who ran the club and to the other children. He even asked the race Starter if he could have a block to push off from for his first race because he had seen it last week.

For many, this may seem rather normal for a child but for us, Harley has always been rather shy around people he doesn’t know and he doesn’t like to push himself forward.

He’s a prime example of how a hobby you love, builds self confidence.

photo (39)

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29 thoughts on “Cycle Speedway

  1. What a wonderful, wonderful piece! You must be bursting with pride. I had a smile on my face looking at the photo’s, it is so refreshing to see our little ones embracing all the excitement and adventure that this world offers. Fab post.
    Jade Munro recently posted…From Deployment to EnjoymentMy Profile

  2. Wow! From your pictures you wouldn’t think he was only four, he looks like a little professional! My other half is really into biking, I showed him this post now he’s on the hunt for anywhere near us for when Oliver’s a little older!! It’s so lovely watching your children happy and enjoying themselves isn’t it.
    Becky xx
    Thanks for hosting #Thisweekiveloved
    LittleOandme recently posted…Eleven things about meMy Profile

    • Ah Becky, I hope you can find a club similar close to you. You’re right, it’s so lovely to see them enjoying a hobby and when we can provide the opportunities for them, I love to watch! X

  3. If you want any advice making up a cyclespeedway bike for a littl’un, let me know. Our son started at 3 and we had to get him a bike off gumtree and modify it. Into this.

    he’s coming up to 5 now and on something bigger.

    • That’s so cool. We have been looking at getting him an Early Rider but he’s nearly too big for it so can’t justify the cost! Cool that your little one loves it too x

  4. Well done Harley. Glad you have found something you enjoy. You are the future of our sport.
    Brad Aussie Team Manager and ex captain of Poole

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