Bathtime Buddies Scavenger Hunt

Harley loves running around looking for things using clues.

I wanted him to be a bit more involved in terms of using the clues himself rather than a Treasure Hunt where I have to read long clues to him.

So instead we made a Scavenger Hunt.

He had a list of things to find:

* Something that flows

* Something that’s colourful

* Something that’s shiny

* Something that grows

* Something that’s fluffy

So using our Bathtime Buddies Alphabet Set from H&A, which is usually in the bath to spell out names or short 3 letter words, I used these to spell out the clues to tell Harley what to search for.

He had to run around the house and garden until he found the words spelt out. When he found one, he had to find the things in the room that fitted the category.

I loved it because he tried really hard to read each word himself (a week at school is already paying off!)


He found ‘flows’ first on the floor in the downstairs toilet.

It took him a little while to find something that fitted the clue, but when he turned around to face the sink, he turned the tap on and laughed that he had found his first answer.

When he found as many things to fit each clue, he crossed them off the list:


Then he ran upstairs and found this clue in his bedroom:

Straight away he dived onto his bed to cuddle Teddy.

More matted than fluffy but hey!

He also had a few other cuddly, fluffy toys in his room, so he added those to his list too.

From his bedroom he went into the bathroom and found this clue on the floor.

Without even looking he ran over to his yellow Bathtime Wash Buddy.

He picked out the bright pink towels

and of course the Bathtime Buddies’ bright squirting ducks that join in with every bathtime.


Harley couldn’t find any more clues upstairs so ran out into the garden.

This time, when he saw the word ‘grow’ on the patio, he picked up all the letters and placed them around this little plant that he has been growing for a while.

He went to a friend’s birthday party a while ago and one of the things they could do was to plant seeds. I really didn’t think he would be patient enough to watch the plant grow but I was pleasantly surprised that he showed a real interest.


Then he added some flowers in the flowerbed to his list and the grass and the trees and the worms!

and finally, ‘shiny’.


Harley didn’t even think.

He pointed straight up to the sky.

A lovely way to end and he managed to tick off all of the categories on the list.

A Scavenger Hunt is such a fun activity that can be as long or as short as you like.

Using the fab H&A alphabet set was a great way to develop reading and Harley said he felt like a detective trying to find different things! He really enjoyed it.

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*we belong to the H&A Bathtime Fun Squad and have used their bathtime buddies range as part of our Scavenger Hunt.

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