Back to School Uniform

When I wrote a letter to Harley after we had found out which ‘big’ school he was going to, September felt a good way off.

Now it’s only, days away, days!!

If you’re like me and you have a little one starting school next month, are you (like me) starting to panic that you have everything… or indeed panic because you don’t everything yet?

This week, we’ve loved getting bits sorted. Here’s our checklist to see how we’ve done so far…

1. Book Bag – When we went to the parent’s evening to welcome the new parents, we purchased Harley’s school Book Bag. He was so chuffed and it’s been hanging on a hook in his bedroom ever since, proudly waiting for it’s first outing.

2. P.E. Bag – This is without doubt the most exciting thing for Harley. When we went on a tour of the school a few months ago, a class of children were walking to the hall to do P.E. Harley loves all sports and he thinks he’s so lucky going to this school as ‘they do P.E here’.  He’s been wanting to use it as a swimming bag for his swimming lessons but I’ve managed to keep it away in the cupboard!

3. Uniform   We went to the school uniform shop to get his school jumper and white polo shirt with the school emblem. Oh my goodness, what a moment. Seeing your little boy in a school uniform for the first time. I’m not ashamed to say I shed a tear in the shop when he tried it on!


He lives in shorts at home, so we already have his school shorts. We opted for M&S ones as opposed to the ones in the school uniform shop, as we prefered the shape.

As yet, we don’t have his school trousers!

We also got some grey school socks from the school uniform shop.

And now the biggie…

4. School shoes – Yippee, I’m pleased to say we have them already.


I had previously got Harley’s feet measured so I knew exactly which size to buy. I couldn’t face the busy shoe shops in town so I opted to buy them online from the school shoes section in Brantano. With such a wonderful range of shoes from a variety of brands, I took a while choosing the perfect, first ever school shoe.

In the end I chose a Clarks pair.


Arriving only a few days later, I was pleased to say they were a perfect fit. And he loves them. They finish of his uniform nicely. I wonder how long it will be before I give up telling him not to play football in them?

I want them to look this shiny new forever!



5. P.E. Kit We haven’t got his yet but it will be a trip to the supermarket, next week for this one.

6. Labels for Uniform – I’ve ordered a label stamper that has a special ink that doesn’t wash off and you can stamp clothes and belongings too. Fingers crossed it will arrive soon so I can get stamping.

7. Lunchbox – in fact Harley will be having hot school meals. As I’m sure many parents will understand, we are a little apprehensive as to how much food Harley will eat. He can be rather fussy but he has got better at trying more of a variety. We are hopeful that he will enjoy them.

8. Drinks Bottle done

9. Pencil Case done

10. School Coat Last year’s coat still fits.

So how do you think we’ve done? I don’t think we’ve done too bad at all.

I’m pleased that we have the specific school related bits of the uniform and I’m so glad that I didn’t have to fight the masses in the dreaded shoe shops. I’d definitely opt for buying shoes online from Brantano, it was so easy.

So only the trousers and P.E. kit to go.

Note to self: must remember tissues for the first day (for mummy!)

Disclaimer: Thank you so much to Brantano for the school shoes. They are the exact style, strength and quality that I wanted for Harley’s first pair of shoes.

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16 thoughts on “Back to School Uniform

    • Oh Debi! He’s so grown up! Time has just flown by. Remember dropping him off at yours when he was 8 months. My heart aches just as much now as it did then. Hope you are well. We miss you. X

  1. Oh wow you’ve been so organised!! I love the sound of the ink stamping kit!!!! Might have to try that one. And your boy just looks so handsome and smart. I can just guess at how proud you must be feeling. Hope his first day is super duper amazing!! Xxxx
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