Weekly Weigh In ~ Wk 6

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I have moved this weekly feature to a Tuesday as I already have my Mindful Monday posts on a Monday.

As regular readers will know, I have been lucky enough to be sent a monthly hamper from Diet Chef. The food really is delicious and I have learnt a lot about portion control, as a result.

What’s really surprised me is how the need to fill my plate with rice if I was having a curry or chilli, was always just because it seemed to be the right companion for the dish. However I have been adding vegetables (usually sweetcorn, it’s my favourite) to these kind of dishes and I haven’t missed the heavy carbs at all.

Diet Chef provide you with a breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner for each day and I like to share with you my favourites for the week. So here are my favourites this week:


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Soft Chocolate Cookie with added apple (this took me a while to get used to for a breakfast but it’s a great option if you’re running late in the mornings and time is tight. It’s filling and tastes really good!)


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Tomato and Herb Bulgar Wheat and Couscous with added tomato


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Sour Cream and Chive Pretzels


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Chicken Tikka Masala with added sweetcorn

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lbs lost this week: 0.5

Total lbs lost in 6 weeks: 17

Inches lost this week (taken over 4 measurements): 0

Total inches lost: 17.5

A slow weightloss this week but to be honest, I was expecting to plateau long before now so I’m not too disheartened.

If you are quick, Diet Chef are running a Summer Challenge during March.

Diet Chef say, ‘have you had enough of being unfit, unhealthy or unhappy? Then join our life revolution – the Diet Chef Summer Challenge. It takes 16 weeks to form a new habit and ultimately become a new person so by the start of August you could become the best version of you. Over the 16 weeks you will lose weight, get fit, and change your habits. We will teach you portion control, nutrition and how to feel good about yourself.’

Customers are able to sign up for the plan for as little as £150 per hamper. Details can be found here.

Here’s to another positive week of weightloss.

Disclaimer: The meal plan I am on would cost £61.25 a week/ £245 a month. I am kindly being sent a free monthly hamper from Diet Chef for the purpose of review however all words and opinions are very much my own.

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  1. Hey I am happy I came across your Blog! I have actually been thinking about these food hampers myself but find them a bit pricey – do you think they are worth the money then?

    • Hiya, on the 12 week price plan it works out at £23 a week, so really good value. It includes all of your food for the month, unless you want to add your own fruit and veg. Xx

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