Weekly Weigh In ~ Wk 4


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For my 4th week, I have still been following the Diet Chef plan of a calorie controlled breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack each day and enjoying the chef prepared dishes that they have sent me.

This week I enjoyed my Banana and Vanilla porridge for breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day:

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This is what I have eaten this week:

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photo 4 (70)

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Day 28 was Mother’s Day and it has been the only time in a month that I have not had one of the Diet Chef meals for dinner, hence I have included a photo of my beautiful flowers!

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lbs lost this week: 3

Total lbs lost: 13

Inches lost this week (taken over 4 measurements): 3.5

Total inches lost: 16.5

I have also been continuing the Couch to 5K run but I only managed 2 out of the 3 runs this week due to the very sad passing of my grandma. My heavy legs could not lift my heavy heart. But I’ll aim to do an extra session next week, Gran will push me through the pain.

Let’s do this! Here’s to a good week of strength, self-belief and determination.

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Disclaimer: The meal plan I am on would cost £61.25 a week/ £245 a month. I am being sent a free monthly hamper from Diet Chef for the purpose of review however all words and opinions are very much my own.

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  1. Yay well done you – 3lb off is fantastic! A measly 1lb for me this week… Sooo frustrating & sloooow! xxx

  2. Well done! That’s an amazing result! I wish I had your determination and will power. You thoroughly deserve the fantastic results that you’re getting. Sending you lots of hugs at this sad time for your family xxx

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