Weekly Weigh In ~ wk 1

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Readers of a recent post of mine, The Start of a Long Haul will know that last week, I teamed up with Diet Chef to see if I could reach my weight goals. I had heard great things about Diet Chef and was so pleased when they offered to send me a monthly hamper of chef prepared meals, straight to my door.

So now that I have completed my first full week of Diet Chef, this is the first of my Weekly Weigh In posts.

I’ll be really honest – I didn’t have high hopes for how tasty the actual meals would be. In truth, I’m quite very fussy when it comes to food. I don’t like or eat microwave meals and the main dish on the lunchtime menu, is soup. I never eat soup. I think it’s the texture. Despite being able to select want I wanted from the wide range of meals, I did select a few soups, to add a bit of variety and to see if Diet Chef could actually change my opinion.

Each day, I have had breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner. I have also teamed the breakfasts with fresh fruit and the dinners with salad or veg.

Here is what I have eaten this week:

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I can honestly say that the food is delicious. I was very surprised yet delighted that I was still able to look forward to mealtimes. The dinners can be microwaved but as I mentioned earlier, I still tended to cook them in the oven for 25mins, especially as the oven was on with everybody else’s dinner cooking.

My favourites this week were the chicken tikka. It was very mild and so yummy, perfect for me. And the Apple and Cinnamon Porridge was simply delicious.

I must admit, I had to get my head around eating a yummy chocolate cookie as a hearty breakfast, I wasn’t sure that I could stomach it first thing in the morning, or that it was going to fill me up. But teamed with some delicious fresh fruit, I was fighting the kids off it!

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And if you’re wondering, I had 3 soups this week: Sweet Potato and Coconut, Tomato and Mushroom. And I finished, very nearly, the whole bowl, each time. I’m looking forward to trying some of the other flavours. My stepson, Ethan had a few slurps of the Tomato soup and said it was the best soup he had ever tasted; high praise indeed!

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lbs lost this week: 5.5

Total lbs lost: 5.5

Inches lost this week (taken over 4 measurements): 8

Total inches lost: 8

It’s was Half Term last week, I don’t know if this was an advantage or a hinderance for me starting Diet Chef. There were lots of temptations with the kids eating yummy things and going out on day trips made things tricky for lunch (but I actually made up a pasta pot and had it cold for lunch, which I love anyway.)

Back to work this week so I hope that having an earlier breakfast won’t hold me back at all.

I’m looking forward to it. Here’s to a great week.

Disclaimer: The meal plan I am on would cost £61.25 a week/ £245 a month. I am being sent a free monthly hamper from Diet Chef for the purpose of review however all words and opinions are very much my own.

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