6 Ways to Radiate Sunbeams

A few years ago now, someone once said behind my back,“I don’t trust Ali because no one can be that happy, all of the time!”

It’s a comment that has always stuck with me.

At first I was insulted. After thinking about, I think it’s bloomin’ wonderful.

I do like to smile. Sometimes the smiles are strained. Sometimes the smiles are forced but there is a quote which I adore and carry in the back of my mind, always:

photo (19)

My favourite childhood author, surely has a point here.

Thinking positively; having happy thoughts and smiling, really does make you feel better, look better and improve your overall health and well being.

Don’t get me wrong, things do get me down sometimes. The stresses of work, lack of sleep caused by 2 young children and a home to keep looking pretty, all take their toll on my smiley demeanor. It’s inevitable. But if I’m going to try my best to choose Happy, here are my top 6 ways to radiate sunbeams.

1. Get Outdoors

Without fail, being outside and breathing in that good old fashioned fresh air, can make you feel energised and more calm. Staring in awe at Mother Nature, is good for mind, body and soul. How can the wonder of our surroundings, not make you feel good?

I love the beach. The view; the smell; the smiles it creates, Summer or Winter, it’s a sure fire winner.

I love the forest. The sounds; the colours; the beauty of how it changes with the seasons.

I love watching a sunset. Simply beautiful.

photo (13)

I take great comfort in the ideal that when I ask Harley what he would like to do, “… go outside somewhere” is always his staple answer. Being outdoors, is free, a definite smile maker, so go on, go and increase that vitamin D intake whilst feeling super happy and alive.

2. Fill the Diary

It goes without saying that an exciting time or event planned ahead, will help to boost mood and morale. It would be fantastic if we could all have holidays booked throughout the year to look forward to but in reality, the purse strings don’t stretch that far. But planning ahead doesn’t have to all be financially. It could be a day out that’s been planned for the next school holidays or something that’s happening next month or at the weekend. It could be as simple as thinking ‘tonight I’m putting the kids to bed early and enjoying a hot bubble bath and a glass of vino.’ That thought has most certainly made me smile through many a long day at work.

Reality isn’t an easy ride.

Life will always throw us challenges and hurdles to overcome. If it didn’t, I’d feel pretty put out and life would perhaps be a little dull.

I don’t want an easy ride. I want to be challenged. I like overcoming the hurdles. I like achieving.

But it’s in these moments of adversity, that a little ray of light is essential. To keep me sane. To make me smile. And a little forethought of what is ahead, is like a warm hug that gets me through.

photo (22)

3. Care Bears

As much as it’s nice when someone buys or does something lovely for you, the look on someone’s face when you have done something for them, is worth so much more.

Again, it’s not the financial things for me.

The moments that surprise me most and make most of an impact are the simple things, the things that make me think I was in someone’s thoughts.

I remember when I had just given birth to Harley and returned home with him, a lovely friend arrived with a lasagna that she had baked for us so that I wouldn’t have to cook dinner. So simple yet unbelievably thoughtful and more than appreciated.

One of my best friends always texts me quotes and images about friendship. I’ve kept all of them. They more than make me smile.

We had a ‘Care Bear Week’ at work. We each had a colleague at school, who we had to do something lovely for, throughout the week. We didn’t know who our Care Bear was until the end of the week (and only if they revealed themselves!) Things ranged from a cup of tea waiting for you on your desk in the morning, a chocolate treat, our playground duty being covered, but sadly not an offer of marking our books, hmm, I wonder why?! Little notes left wishing us a good day, someone even had their lunch made for them!

It was such a lovely, lovely week. There were so many happy faces and so much positivity. Random acts of kindness certainly make you and others feel great.

Why not try a Care Bear Week at your work? I guarantee you will create and see so many smiles.

photo (23)

4. Surround yourself with Happy

We all have the people who we visit, call, text, email or tweet when we need a chat, when we want a laugh or need to be reassured or guided.

It’s inevitable that there are people who you choose to surround yourself with if you want to feel happy and positive. And inevitably there are those that you choose not to!

We all have our happy people. The people who make us happy.

My kiddies make me beyond happy. Their innocence, their infectious laughter, their wonder of the world, encapsulates everything that makes me happy. Beyond measure.

My closest friends, family and husband make me feel safe. They reassure me. They support me. They are the people I go to if my Happy levels need a top up.

Choose your happy people. Choose wisely. ‘Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the Flu. When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too.’

And what makes my 4 year old most happy? Can you guess?!

5. Find your Happy Place

It could be a place that you love to visit. A holiday spot that finds you returning every year, or a town that attracts you for a weekend. It could be a park bench, a nature reserve or a beauty spot. It might be a certain room at home or even a specific chair.

For me, it’s here:

photo (24)

7 miles of our local, uninterrupted, golden sandy beach. ‘Beautiful’ doesn’t even cut it.

6. Have some Me Time

I recently wrote about the importance of Me Time. Mum Time. As hard as it is to put ourselves first sometimes and give ourselves a bit of credit, having time to do things we enjoy, just for ourselves, is crucial for our sanity, let alone our health and well being. Any one of these activities (perhaps apart from the running!) never fails to put a smile on my face and make me feel good.

1. Have a bubblebath – minus the child screaming “Muuummy!” through the keyhole.

2. Read a magazine – trashy or intellectual.

3. Retail therapy – either online or the traditional visit to the shops method.

4. Listen to music – I’m a secret One D fan when I’m on my own. Have you listened to Night Changes? Wow it’s beautiful.

5. Eat chocolate – either the brown, black or white variety, whatever delights your taste buds.

6. Go out with friends – right, who’s up for meeting at Costa?

7. Go for a run – um, that’s supposed to be enjoyable, right?

8. Paint your nails – this always makes me feel pretty.

9. Watch a film or your favourite Soaps – my sister and close friends will now be saying… yeah right, Ali, football or darts more like.

10. Browse Social Media – Yay!

So I’m off to have a hot bubble bath with a copy of Heat magazine, a bar of Dairy Milk, One D singing to me through the speakers and Twitter on my phone.

So those are my top tips for Choosing Happy.

Just the thought of smiling, is enough to trigger those happy chemicals in your brain. So if all else fails, just think about being happy and your subconscious will radiate those sunbeams.

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28 thoughts on “6 Ways to Radiate Sunbeams

  1. What a beautiful post. My favourite is surround yourself with happy. I have eliminated people from my life (in a nice way – just moved away) as the negativity was more than I could handle. My children don’t need that in their lives.

    • Thank you. It’s so true isn’t it that other people can affect your mood and positivity. I hope it’s much happy for you and your children where you are now xx

  2. Hooray to all those Ali 🙂 I’m a naturally smiley, happy person too and I think it can sometimes annoy people but that’s who I am and like you I think it’s a lovely way to live your life. I love time outdoors with my boy, he’s my all time happiness booster. I’m trying to get better at the ‘me’ time too as you’re right, we all need it. My grandma says you give 90% to your family but you need to keep 10% for yourself. Xx

  3. Do you know? I could have written this myself — I smile ALL the time too! Being grumpy is inevitable sometimes but it just doesn’t make me feel better to have a black cloud over my head all day. Sticking a smile on your face — even a forced one — is good for the soul. As is colour, music, the sky… SO many things to be happy about! Number 2 is my favourite — our diary is always SO full! It’s lovely to have things to look forward to xx #PoCoLo

    Caro | http://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk

  4. I think it’s fab that you smile all the time 🙂 I don’t smile enough! Always too stressed out. 🙁 definitely agree with all your points particularly number 1. The outdoors always makes me feel uplifted 🙂 #PoCoLo xx

  5. What a fantastic post, I love that Roald Dahl quote!
    I find this time of year difficult, I always have, but I have lots of little tricks I do to try to make myself feel better and a lot of them are similar to yours – like the get outdoors and me time.
    I do wish I could smile more though!

    • Ah the spring weather that is slowly but surely trying to raise it’s lovely head will definitely help. I think I’ll buy a bunch of daffodils this weekend they are a definite happy tonic. I forgot to include that in my post! Xx

  6. I love the ideas in this blog!
    My happy moment happens every day I sit at mt desk, your lovely card that you gave me when I left BMS, makes me smile so much, even when I feel a bit down – it lifts me. I am so grateful for knowing you and for having you in life- that alone makes me smile!!!
    take care Ali, and I will meet you for a cuppa anytime – just let me know!!
    Love, Pen xx

    • Ah lovely pen. That’s such a beautiful comment. I’m so touched that you still have my card; I’m glad it makes you smile every day. And yes let’s meet up soon. Xx

  7. Wonderful post Ali! I love it! It’s amazing how people can become so skeptical about others who seem happy ‘all of the time’. I was once criticised for something similar – for being ‘too nice’ and like you, I take it as a compliment! 😉

    What people don’t realise (I think) is that it’s not easy to be happy or nice most or all of the time. It takes work, it takes persistence and it takes effort. It’s much easier to be pessimistic about life and cynical than it is to actually make the most of your life and keep a positive outlook so well done and don’t ever change!

    For me, I do my best to ‘radiate sunbeams’ by counting my blessings and enjoying each day as it comes. Life is precious and we should treat it so. X

    p.s Not sure if you’ve heard of the book ‘The Happiness Project’ but if you haven’t it’s well worth a read. Life changing stuff. x


    • Thank you, Kate for your wonderful comment. I haven’t heard of the book but I will definitely hunt it out and have a read. You’re so right, counting your blessing is paramount to happiness. Just looking at my babies makes me feel so bloomin thankful. I won’t ever change, thank you, and you neither lovely lady. Xx

  8. Love this post, I really like the idea of the care bear week! I am a naturally happy person too but am having a tough time at the moment so these tips are very useful thank you! Thanks for linking up with #sundaystars

  9. I love that Roald Dahl quote about sunbeams radiating through your face, it’s so true! I honestly think that if you smile more, you feel better inside. Although it’s also important to have some trusted friends to share the hard times with and to be honest. You’ve definitely got a great smile! x

  10. O you happy person! A very good list. It’s important to take time to see and engage with what I call the #beautyinthehaze of what life can be sometimes. A time comes when we must make a conscious decision to choose to smile; which means we have to find and engage with that which will fill us with smiles. Love the care bear week idea; I’ll see if I can take it to my school 🙂 #SundayStars

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