My Top 4 Essentials for long Car Journeys

Hooray, for the Easter holidays. Two whole weeks of delicious family time and no alarm clocks for 6am!

We have a few plans for the coming weeks: days out; seeing family; Glamping (oh yes!) and hopefully some walks down the beach. Let’s hope Mr. Sunshine pays a visit, hopefully a very long one.

 As always with the school holidays and many weekends, we are in the car for long journeys. With Luke’s family up in London and some of our favourite family days out, a good few hours away, it is the car journey that often we and especially the kids, dread!

So I’ve come up with my top 4 essentials that are, most definitely, essential to ensuring a smoother ride to your destination, with kids in tow.

  1. Games: It’s big one, right? For us, the ipad will most definitely be charged (forgive me, yes I do bribe my children with minutes on the ipad when we are going away!) We will also be taking some handheld games, magnetic Snakes and Ladders is a favorite for our little ones. Our children still love playing I Spy which I especially loved playing with Harley when he was learning his letters and sounds. I will also be printing out a Scavenger Hunt game that can be played in the car. I will be using this free one from  and will give a bonus point for any extra words beginning with E for EasterScavenger-Hunt-Car

2. The Snackeez: The other main essentials are snacks and drinks. Although I always make sure that there are a few snacks and a drink in the car, the most annoying part is having to pass the item over into the back of the car when it’s wanted. My children are too little to reach down into a bag to get the snack or drink themselves. But I have found the perfect companion to put a stop to those snack and drink difficulties. Cue the Snackeez! The most wonderful drinks cup and snack pot in one.


Can you think of anything better for children to have their drink and snacks both together in one place that they can use and access independently? Nope, me neither.  The drink part of the Snackeez is  great a size. It holds around 450ml of your child’s favorite cold drink and has a plastic straw attached, although this is removeable if required.

The snack pot is again a great size. It screws neatly into the top of the drinks cup and has a flip up lid, making it nice and easy for little fingers. It can hold 115ml of your favourite snacks. We like to fill ours will fruit and bread sticks although I’m sure there will be a couple of mini chocolate eggs in there, next week!


Harley’s car seat has a drinks holder attached to it and the Snackeez fits perfectly in there. So no longer do we need to pull into the nearest service station to get out the snack bag. It is easy to clean as it all comes apart and is dishwasher safe. The Snackeeze makes it so eezy! Available from Character for £9.99.

3. We are lucky that our children sleep well in the car. But we do make sure they each have a cushion in the car for long journeys when they are likely to sleep. I recently got two cute beaded cushions from Lidl. Harley has a rocket and Lola has an owl.

4. And lastly, while we are the subject of sleep and comfort. Try to time your car journey around when your children will sleep. Inevitably that’s not always possible but if it is, use it to your ears’ advantage!

Have a safe trip if you are out and about this Easter. Make sure you have a Snackeez filled with lovely treats to hand and I’m pretty sure the journey will be a much smoother one.

photo (39)

Disclaimer: I was sent the Snackeez for the purpose of review however all words and opinions are my own.

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