Making & Remembering Childhood Memories

Do you ever find that it’s often the unplanned, impromptu days, that lead to the best times?

Well at the weekend, we had one of those.

Now that my sister has moved back down from London, with her husband and kiddies, it’s so lovely to be able to meet up with our families whenever we like. The cousins all get on so well.

Last Sunday we met up at one of our favourite pubs, the Alice Lisle. There is a gorgeous outdoor garden area with a super children’s play area.

After the kids had a play, we went to a spot that my sister and I went to as a child.

It’s a beautiful stream that is perfect for paddling in.

When I was there, sitting on the bank, watching Harley playing with his cousin, I was transported back 30 odd years when I was there, in the stream splashing my sister, my mum and dad sitting on the bank watching us.

There were some stepping stones that Harley and Bailey were crossing and I remember doing exactly the same.

There was even a rope swing that the boys loved. And, yes, inevitably they got very wet!

That definitely wasn’t there when I was young!

After the water fun, we went for a walk nearby.

Daddy is the best taxi!

At the end of a very steep, long climb, is a rather rewarding seat.

A wonderful swing tied to a tree.


 Walking back, there was a really steep sandy hill to roll down. The kids were loving it but I was so scared of the height that I was a real wimp and had to walk down the alternative route!


We had such a lovely afternoon.

You know the afternoons that you will remember for a long time.

The afternoons that take you back to your own childhood.

The afternoons that you hope will shape your own children’s childhood, forever.

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10 thoughts on “Making & Remembering Childhood Memories

  1. Gorgeous photos Ali of what was obviously a really fab day. So lovely seeing cousins playing together like that and forming and strengthening their bond for life.
    We go to the Alice Lisle too (great pub and outdoor space) and I know exactly where you walk after took you. So lovely there.
    Thanks for hosting #ThisWeekIveLoved and I’m pleased to be linking up again this week.
    Sammy xxx
    Sammy at Seize each day recently posted…Sunshine, happy dog and Segways – I give you Upton Country ParkMy Profile

  2. Managed to finally look at one of your blogs properly.
    The photos are beautiful also so glad you let Lola get dirty rolling down the hill.
    Looking at the photos it almost looks like a film scene

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