Lost Kingdom, Paultons Park

I remember my 8th birthday party as clear as day.

I remember the friends that came; our meeting place outside; the weather that day and of course the immense fun we had on all of the rides.

Fast forward 30 years and I now go to the same special place. No longer as a child but as a parent.

Paultons Park.

The most wonderful family theme park that keeps getting better and better.

On Saturday we were invited to Paultons Park to preview the new £9 million attraction, Lost Kingdom. A world where visitors are transported back millions of years to when dinosaurs roamed the land.


The new attraction is set within 4 acres of Jurassic landscape with a real life dinosaur encounter as soon as you enter this prehistoric world. ALIVE is a walking dinosaur, so life-like and real, I didn’t like it when it looked at me! The boys loved being up so close.



With this fantastic experience greeting you as soon as you enter, you know immediately that this is going to be an experience that you and your children will remember forever.

The boys instantly spotted the Flight of the Pterosaur – a bright yellow suspended roller coaster. When we went over to the read the ride guidelines, it was at this point that this whole new area shed an impressive light:

The rides in Lost Kingdom are designed so that all children can enjoy them. Two of the rides require accompanied children to be 1 metre tall and over 4 years old.  The other four rides can be used by children below 1 metre tall. This is what really appealed to us as a family. With our 4 children who are 12, 9, 5 and 2, there was something in Lost Kingdom for all of them. All of them could experience this wonderful land of dinosaurs and as parents we weren’t constantly having to split up to take the children on different rides and we weren’t having to ensure that they all had a good time. Paultons did all of that for us!

The two big rides found the boys going on again and again. They loved the fear of going fast and backwards on the Velociraptor, a world first track design:


and they did not stop talking about the Flight of the Pterosaur when we got back home:


All of us went aboard The Dinosaur Tour co. Here we ride in a safari jeep to discover moving dinosaurs, waterfalls, exotic plants and a few surprises that may get you a little wet along the way!




Lola loved ‘driving’ our jeep!


The boys also enjoyed going on the Dino Chase roller coaster, especially Harley as he could ride on it by himself:


We really loved the Boulder Dash. A modern, dinosaur take on the traditional Cups and Saucers ride. Spinning around in either a dinosaur egg or a rock boulder, it amazed me how they didn’t crash into each other. Amazing technology and so much fun:


The Temple Heights is a gentle magic carpet that allows you to appreciate the wonderful views above the Lost Kingdom:


The other area that I really appreciated was the Little Explorers area. A colourful dinosaur themed outdoor play park for the younger children. Lola would have stayed in there all day if she could have. With climbing frames, slides and a fossil finders sandpit it was a welcome sit down for parents who could feel safe in the knowledge that their children were playing happily and safely on the adventure frames. It was so funny to see all the adults pressing their feet into the ground because it was so unbelievably soft and bouncy, a really nice touch to comfort the little children.



It may well, quite rightly feel that the new Lost Kingdom is a theme park in it’s own right, however, it is by all means worth mentioning that this area is just a small part of the 140 acres of Paultons itself. Home to Peppa Pig World and the main theme park, Lost Kingdom and it’s jurassic landscape has complemented the rest of Paultons so well. If you have a dinosaur lover or a fan of fun rides, I will be bold enough as to say that there is something here for everyone. Parents need not feel left out as the park have catered for all ages. With it’s own eateries and snack huts, Lost Kingdom will be the talk of the theme park world.

Here is a video of our time there, can you tell when I get squirted with water by a sneaky dinosaur?!

We thank Paultons very much for inviting us to experience the Lost Kingdom and we will be returning very soon.

For further information on Paultons Park, opening times and to book tickets online from £25.75, visit Paultons Park website.

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2 thoughts on “Lost Kingdom, Paultons Park

  1. Wow!! ILOVE the look of the new Lost Kingdom area at Paultons Park. What a brilliant idea!! Personally I’m a bit addicted to dinosaurs and pretty much have the Jurassic Park series on loop! Haha! And my little three year old, Ella is also a massive fan. She’s actually a little bit obsessed. Well, it looks as though we might need to pay a bit of a visit this year too then!! Fab review and show around lovely. Steph xxx

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