My Sunday Photo(s) ~ Autumn Walks

With the Heath just behind our house, Autumn walks are on our doorstep.

Crunchy leaves, changing colours and the sun shining through the trees is a sight to rival my most favourite, the beach.

I couldn’t choose just one photo from our walk the other day so here are a few of my favourites, I hope you like them:

 “Chase me, Harley”

We met up with Papa, my step dad, on our way back home:

I love the sunlight shining on Lola’s hair in this one:

This is, nearly, our back garden!

My whole heart, right there:

Stunning displays of Autumn colour complimented by the blue sky, made for a beautiful walk.
As much as I love you Summer, Autumn packs a good punch and I’m more than happy to spend my time with your rival, for now.

photo (39)

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8 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo(s) ~ Autumn Walks

  1. No wonder you couldn’t chose just one photo Ali… they’re a great collection.
    It’s great to get the littlies outdoors and appreciate nature.
    Enjoy your Sunday ;D

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