Aqua Sana Spa ~ Center Parcs

My husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary this week. We made a deal that we would always spend the night away together for that one night a year, but because Lola is still not sleeping through the night, that really wasn’t an option this year. So we were so surprised when our lovely friends, Sarah and Colin, treated us to an anniversary spa day package at Aqua Sana in Center Parcs, Longleat.

As fans of Center Parcs for our family getaways, Aqua Sana was always somewhere I had wanted to visit but never had the opportunity. So you can imagine my sheer delight to be given this as a treat.

Aqua Sana was everything I had wanted it to be.

The drive down to the Pamper Break car park is well signposted and a lovely drive through the gorgeous woodland settings of Center Parcs. Driving by the stunning Tree Houses and feeling very envious of all the lucky people who were about to spend their holidays here, it was inevitable that a stay in one of these is now on my wishlist.

The spa day runs from 9am-6pm. We arrived at 9.45am and parking was extremely spacious; guests are given a pass by security to put into the dashboard.

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A little slice of heaven


I wanted to share with you the knowledge that a little slice of heaven, does exist. It exists in the form of the most relaxing, tranquil place I have ever been: Nirvana Spa in Wokingham, Berkshire.

I first went to this heavenly sanctuary with my lovely friend, Becky. Having been to a few spas before, I had a good idea of what to expect. However my ‘good idea’ was no where near good enough. This tranquil haven, far exceeded all of my expectations. Stunning, doesn’t even cut it.

I was completely in awe of the size and grandeur of this spa. There are 15 natural aquifer fed pools and spas. I loved being in the spectacular Roman pillared swimming pool and then relaxing with a magazine on one of  the loungers. Utter bliss. I could have spent the whole day in this one room and felt perfectly harmonious without a care or stress in the world, as I sipped my freshly made smoothie by the pool.

But there is far too much to enjoy of this peaceful paradise to just stay in one room.

Roman-esque Swimming Pool

Roman-esque Swimming Pool

We tried out the new Thermal Experience Suite with its sauna, salt inhalation steam room, ice rub station, and monsoon showers. It certainly made me feel refreshed and revitalised. Even the blue lighting is calming.

As an extra treat, Guests can book one of the incredible floatation experiences in the Celestial Dead Sea Floatation Treatment Pool. Now, can you cast your mind back to the year, 2000 when Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue sang their duet ‘Kids’? At the end of the video, a sexy Kylie walks down the steps in a swimming pool where the delicious Robbie is waiting. Well, this was shot on location here. So if it’s good enough for Kylie…

My favourite room in the whole spa, and it is a tough choice, is the award-winning, 53-station Hydrotherapy Spa Pool, which provides all the benefits of a full body massage in such luxurious surroundings. It’s huge. This was the room I kept coming back to. Now, I was tempted to try the adjacent plunge pools, but no matter how much I knew that this quick dip in ice cold water would cleanse my skin, I just wasn’t brave enough. That, or maybe the classiness of the whole place wasn’t ready to hear me gasp loudly as my breath is taken away, or to see me splashing around desperately trying to get out!

Hydrotherapy Spa Pool

Hydrotherapy Spa Pool

As with most spas, there is an abundance of treatments on offer here, using treatment brands such as Decleor, Germaine de Capuccini, Jessica & Celestial. We didn’t take up this opportunity on our visit as we  didn’t need to. We spent the whole day visiting all of the pools and relaxation rooms to have any time for an additional treatment. Maybe next time?

I also loved the indulgence of the Tepidarium Nirvana Room. The heated ceramic loungers were so relaxing with the trickling of the water fountain in the centre of the room. I did however, have to fight the child within me, and overcome the fit of giggles which was trying to come out, as the room was just so quiet!

Nirvana has a wide array of packages, to treat your mind, body and soul, for both day and evening spa packages. I have returned to Nirvana on many occasions. Some packages are quite pricey but most recently, my husband and I enjoyed a ‘Time Out’ package reasonably priced at £35, which gave us 3 hours to enjoy all of the facilities, except the Floatation pool. Within our allocated time, we included a relaxing lunch in the Nirvana cafe, where the meat and salad buffet option was super value for money. There are so many different packages and experiences which you can tailor to meet your requirements. If you would like to be taken straight to Nirvana’s website to have a look at what they have to offer, click here.

During the Spring and Summer months, guests can visit the garden cafe for some alfresco dining or lounge around the outdoor pool and spa pools.

Luckily for those of us who cannot afford the luxury of a beautiful spa experience all the time, Nirvana have made it possible for us to have a small taste of their spa in our own homes. You may have noticed a range of ‘Nspa’ products in your local supermarket, if you shop at Adsa. Nirvana’s Nspa range allows us to enjoy the affordability of products such as body lotions, butters and polishes; Hydrating Facial Oil and Beauty Balm. I can thoroughly recommend the Brightening Detox Scrub, £4 and the Brightening Day Cream, £6. If your local supermarket does not stock these products you can buy directly from the Nspa shop, here.

Nirvana is certainly unique. It’s Roman-esque feel creates an atmosphere of calmness and serenity. The clean and pure facilities is what have made it the UK’s largest, purest award winning spa. So if you’re looking for complete and utter indulgence, you have found your Nirvana.

Flotation Pool

Floatation Treatment Pool

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