My Sunday Photo ~ Daddy

As it’s Father’s Day, I had to share this photo as being one of my absolute favourites.


Daddy and a baby Harley.

Their silhouettes remind me of exactly what they were wearing that day. Harley had a cute fluffy jumper with a hood. He looked like a little bear.

It was taken on Luke’s camera using a long lens as they were much higher up on a hill than me.

It’s one of those photos that makes me all giddy and warm; thankful for everything I have.

photo (39)

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New Linky ~ ‘This Week I’ve Loved’ …


Hello and welcome to our brand new linky which will be launching soon.

‘This Week I’ve Loved…’ will be hosted by myself and the lovely Steph at Diary of a Midlife Mummy where each week we’ll be inviting you to join in and link up your marvellous blog posts.

Steph and I are so thrilled to be launching this very soon – hence the fact we can’t keep it quiet any longer and have now both sent out this little teaser post to get you all excited too!!

So, what’s it all about then? Continue reading

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Peppa’s Early Play Pass ~ Paultons Park

As far as children’s cartoon characters go, you know you’ve made it when you have your very own theme park.

With Peppa Pig always on our TV and cuddly toy George and his dinosaur in our playroom, it’s wonderful for our kiddies, that Paultons Park have enabled these characters to come to life in Peppa Pig World.

As regular visitors to both the theme park and Peppa Pig World, we know that we are always guaranteed the perfect family day out, whenever we visit. It’s a day out that always receives lots of cheers when we are on our way and lots of sleepy children when we are on our way home.

Now, Paultons have launched Peppa’s Early Play Pass; brilliant news for all Peppa and George fans. Continue reading

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Little Ondine Nail Polish

I always say that painting my nails is one thing that always makes me feel prettier.

My only gripe with painting my nails is that even the quick dry polishes don’t seem to be that quick! And with 2 young children, painting my nails (during the day) is a challenge in itself.

I have recently been trying a new brand of polishes, Little Ondine.

FullSizeRender (3)

I was drawn to them by the promise that to remove the nail varnish, you can simply peel it off. That seemed too good to be true. No more nail polish remover? I had to put this to the test! Continue reading

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Mindful Monday ~ Wk 27

photo (4)

Hello to a shiny, new week.

My Mindful Monday is a quote that I have heard many times.

But now that I am home with my children, every day, the words mean even more.

FullSizeRender (1)

Things that I used to miss dearly: brushing our teeth together, making lunch and eating together, walking to the shops together, playing on the carpet together, watching tv together, a simple cuddle.

The little things, really are big things.

And for my beautiful gran who passed away very recently, she will never know how much I cherish the time I spent with her. The little visits; the hugs; the chocolate biscuits that she fed my children constantly! Holding her hand; her smile…. these were the littlest things that are the biggest things to me.

The littlest things, really do mean the most.

photo (39)

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My Sunday Photo ~ Blown Away

While I was having fun, learning lots and meeting lots of lovely blogging pals at Blog Camp in Bristol, my little kiddies went to the Science Museum.

This is my favourite photo of Harley being blown away by the wind machine.


He loved how hands on everything was. I can’t wait to go back and see him enjoy everything, myself.

He also loved splashing around in the water outside the museum.

This is what my beautiful kiddies got up to while I was at #blogcamp #sciencemuseum #bristol

This is what my beautiful kiddies got up to while I was at #blogcamp #sciencemuseum #bristol

photo (39)


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Our Weekend Snapshot ~ a little video

Blimey, it’s Friday again.

Or Fri-yay as I like to call it!

Daddy will be home with us and we have lots of lovely things planned for this weekend. The weeks are flying by.

Last weekend we had a busy one too and I thought I would share a little video (the first video I’ve made, on my phone no less!)

It’s a little snapshot of last weekend.

We don’t take video footage enough and it’s such a precious way to capture memories. I’ll definitely make more of these little videos, now I know how to do them.

Have a lovely weekend, all. I hope the sun shines for you.

photo (39)

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I’ve switched to Self-Hosted


You may (hopefully) have noticed that I haven’t posted anything for a few days.

That’s because I have finally taken the plunge and gone self-hosted. It now means that I am solely in charge of my blog and there are so many more options available to me now.

The main ones, for me are that I can now install lots of really useful plugins, I can advertise on my blog and very excitingly, I can host my own linky … more on this one will be coming soon!

If you have subscribed to my blog via email and you have received this post via the usual email alert, then my migration of followers has been successful. So I guess this is a bit of a test post! Continue reading

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My Sunday Photo ~ Sky High

Last weekend we went to the Wheels Festival on Bournemouth Beach.

Monster Trucks, scooters and bikes galore, Harley was in his element.

Our favourite part of the day was watching the motorbikes doing their tricks in the air.

This is my favourite capture:


photo (39)

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Monthly Melfie

Another new month, how is it June already? Half way through the year! Blimey, time really does fly.

Conscious that Harley starts school in a few months, we are trying to make the most of family days out where we can.

Last month, I shared my experiences of being a stepmummy and my Melfies were with my stepsons. This month’s Melfies come from a whole host of different times with Lola and Harley.

I took this one a while ago of Harley and I messing around, it was only when I looked back at the photo on my phone, that I noticed Lola is perfectly positioned for a photo bomb!


A sunny Melfie with Lola down the beach:

photo 5 (55)
Gorgeous squishy bedtime cuddles with Harley:


And a family Melfie when we were at Legoland

photo 4 (92)

We are looking forward to seeing what June has in store. Have a lovely month.

photo (39)

Californian Mum in London
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