Alphabet Photography ~ L

L is for… Love


‘L’ couldn’t be for any other word when Luke and I celebrated our wedding anniversary last week.

This is one of our favourite photos, we have it on a canvas. It wasn’t taken by a professional photographer, just a lovely friend, Naomi who had a snazzy camera and who did her research! I had seen lots of photos of sparkler pictures, online when our photographer had asked us for a list of shots that we wanted him to take, so I had my fingers crossed that we could pull off one of these.

Luke and I had a ‘Sparkler Arch Send Off’ where our evening guests made a tunnel of sparkles for us to walk through at the end of the evening. It was such a magical end to a perfect day. So we only had a couple of giant sparklers left to give this photo a go. Google reliably informed us that as someone walked quickly around us with the sparkler, we needed a fast shutter speed, long exposure, wide camera lens and a tripod! My lovely friend did do some practise shots before our wedding and we are delighted with the results.

I reckon, the sparkler twirl came out pretty well.

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photo (39)

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Quomps Splashpark



photo 1 (47)

Sometimes we are spoilt for choice, living in such a beautiful part of the South Coast. Today, we fancied a change from the beach and headed to Christchurch Quay. With views of the 11th century Priory in the background, the quay and riverside promenade, the setting for this park is simply stunning. The large grassy area overlooking the quay is known as the Quomps and it is here where  many a contented child and happy parent can be found.

The Splashpark is open daily (9am-7pm) from May to October.

photo 5 (12)

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My son and I have had ‘the Talk’

photo (4)

I can’t believe it. Last week, my son and I had the talk. The talk that breaks every parent’s heart and at only 3 years old, this talk certainly did make my heart ache.

“Mummy, I want to marry you. I want to be with you forever, you are my beautiful girl.”

I think I stopped breathing for a second. These beautiful words coming from my son’s lips, totally unprompted and unrelated. My gosh, I love him.

We chatted about how mummy is married to daddy and that you can’t marry someone in your family; you marry someone to make a new family. To which he squeezed me tightly, his super soft face touching mine and replied “But I love you.”

 How lovely that he sees marriage as being with someone that you really love, forever. I felt that I needed to give hubby and myself a pat on the back for subconsciously instilling that environment and belief in our children.

As lovely and heart warming that this announcement was, reality hit with the realisation that one day, Harley will leave me. I will never leave him; he will leave me. I don’t want him to leave me.

Someone else will become his focus and his world.

I want to hold his hand for as long as he will need me to or perhaps, want me to.

But for now, I’m happy being the only girl in Harley’s life. I’m more than happy to be his ideal; his image of perfection; his everything.

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photo (39)

Mami 2 Five
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Aqua Sana Spa ~ Center Parcs

My husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary this week. We made a deal that we would always spend the night away together for that one night a year, but because Lola is still not sleeping through the night, that really wasn’t an option this year. So we were so surprised when our lovely friends, Sarah and Colin, treated us to an anniversary spa day package at Aqua Sana in Center Parcs, Longleat.

As fans of Center Parcs for our family getaways, Aqua Sana was always somewhere I had wanted to visit but never had the opportunity. So you can imagine my sheer delight to be given this as a treat.

Aqua Sana was everything I had wanted it to be.

The drive down to the Pamper Break car park is well signposted and a lovely drive through the gorgeous woodland settings of Center Parcs. Driving by the stunning Tree Houses and feeling very envious of all the lucky people who were about to spend their holidays here, it was inevitable that a stay in one of these is now on my wishlist.

The spa day runs from 9am-6pm. We arrived at 9.45am and parking was extremely spacious; guests are given a pass by security to put into the dashboard.

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I missed your Sports Day



photo 2 (38)

I’m sorry that I let you down

Caught on the other side of town

Stuck at work, I couldn’t leave

The guilt was more than you’d believe.

I missed an important day of the year

I should have been there to clap and cheer.

I missed your Sports Day, your very first one

Wish I could have been there to see you have fun.

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DIY Sensory Drawers

I’m led to believe by Baby Gurus, that between 1 and 9 months of age, a baby can distinguish differences between textures. By 4 to 8 months they will have heard an array of sound frequencies and full colour vision will develop between 4 and 7 months. Lola is 6 months and she will turn her head towards a certain sound and it’s now really lovely to see her respond to her name. I love this age and the discovery of her doing something new everyday. Already, her sensory development has progressed significantly.

As much as I love attending baby groups, Baby Sensory being one of them, financially they are not always an option so I wanted to make some sensory drawers which Lola could use at home, in a variety of ways. I also wanted the contents to grow with her as she gets older.

I have seen a wide array of sensory ideas for babies and toddlers, from MDF boards to large open trays. I wanted to create something that was compact, easy to contain the contents and easy to store.

I have a secret obsession for little boxes, pots and cute containers. I even love the cute little plastic pots which I use to house Harley’s fruit, sandwiches or raisins, in his lunchbox. So when I found this plastic box and tray/drawer set, it almost appealed just as much to my fixation as it did to serve its purpose.

photo 5 (10)

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Alphabet Photography ~ K

K is for… Kiss


I remember this morning so clearly, the morning of my wedding. I’d love to say it was all calmness and serenity but lying underneath was the inevitable wave of nerves and anticipation. This anxiety was even more heightened when I was sent a photo from my future husband of him and our boys in the pub having a lovely cooked breakfast! I was nearly all ready to go and they were still in the pub! Typical! There was then a delivery of balloons and a gorgeous anklet engraved with our wedding date, so my make up then had to be re-done due to the premature tears!

This photo depicts true friendship. Alexa. One of my beautiful bridesmaids.

“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.” Mohammed Ali

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6 Months of Joy

photo (2)

I can’t believe 6 months ago,

You came along and said “Hello”

Laying with you skin to skin

Ready to watch your life begin.

Your perfect face and thick dark hair,

All I could do was look and stare.

Your baby smell and tiny feet

All perfect and precious; so complete.

Teeny tiny vests and grows,

A world of pink and pretty bows,

You feed so well, shame you don’t sleep

Mummy needs a night without a peep!

You love your cuddles as do I,

My heart breaks in two when I hear you cry.

Your gorgeous smile lights up my day,

I wonder if your curls are here to stay?

At the moment, you roll and get stuck on your tummy,

As much as I tried you wouldn’t take a dummy.

You’ve started to try and taste new food,

Whether you like it depends on your mood.

Messy bibs and grubby face,

Baby toys all over the place.

 Jumperoo and teething ring,

Your little sounds and gurgling.

So here’s to the next 6 months of fun,

When we will celebrate you turning one.

So happy and smiling all the time

I’m just so proud to say you’re mine.

Everyday brings something new,

Beautiful Lola, I love you.

photo (39)

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Prose for Thought
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A Fab Hair Trick

As much as I straighten my hair everyday and do everything I can to buy hair straightening products, I longingly look at hairstyles of loose flowing curls and wish I could style my hair like that. I have tried curling tongs, bendy rollers, heat rollers and I have never been able to master the impossible technique of curling my hair with straighteners! But I saw this method on the lovely Aisling’s blog Rosy Smiles. So I cannot take credit for coming up with this fab hair trick but I certainly had a go and was impressed enough to want to share it with you.

This is an overnight hair trick and a bit of prep is needed.

I’m not one who indulges in taking selfies unless my children are in them with me, but this was me before I went to bed. I washed and dried and yes, straightened my hair.

photo 1 (41)

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Alphabet Photography ~ J

J is for… Joy


Sheer, utter, complete, immense joy, is how I felt when my daughter was born.

This photo fills me with so much warmth and giddy love and reaches out to all of my senses. Her wrinkly, baby soft skin; the sweet baby smell of her hair; her fast, shallow breathing on my neck; her little head, cupped perfectly in the palm of my hand; the complete reliance and dependence on me for everything.

Everyone adores their children and ‘joy’ is such a fantastic word when trying to encapsulate what children bring into our lives.

photo (39)

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I’m a Winner!


From as young as I can remember I enjoyed poems, both reading and writing them, from cheeky limericks to classic narratives such as ‘The Highwayman’. My favourite book as a child was ‘Dirty Beasts’, a collection of funny rhyming poems by Roald Dahl, I remember being set a homework when I was 9, to recite a poem off by heart and I chose ‘The Cow’ by Roald Dahl…I still remember it now and regularly share it with my English class!

So when I started writing my blog, I decided to have a page for my poetry.

You can imagine my joy, when I was told my poem entitled,  ‘Because of You’, had won Paper Swan’s poetry competition.

This is made all the more special because this poem was the first one I had written and is about how my gorgeous children have changed who I am, for the better.

Thank you to everyone who voted for the poem, I’m touched and  humbled that the simple words I had written for 2 very special little people, has caught the attention of many others.

Thank you to Paper Swans for hosting the monthly competition, it’s a great way to celebrate some fantastic writing talent. The winner will be their featured poet of the month and will also be put forward for inclusion in a planned anthology of poetry at the start of next year. So I’m pretty chuffed to say the least!

You can read my poem ‘Because of You’, if you click here.

photo (39)

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Outdoor Fun ~ Garden Art

photo (55)

This weekend, the weather has been kind to us once again so it seems criminal not to go outside and enjoy it. I’ve mentioned before the fab book by Dawn Issac ‘101 Things for Kids to do Outside‘, published by Kyle Books. We’ve been thoroughly enjoying trying out some of the activities and have been having a go at some Garden Art.

One of Harley’s favourites was painting with water. So, so simple, completely mess free and very effective. It was really warm and sunny today so his paintings did ‘disappear’ pretty quickly but he enjoyed having to go back and finish the painting before it completely faded.

photo 3 (23)

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Fizzy Peach and Raspberry Ice Lollies

I reckon the British weather has been pretty kind to us so far and long may it continue. Days down the beach, even swimming in the sea, playing on the water slide in the garden, watering the flowers, hanging washing out on the line and of course, ice lollies all epitomise Summer to me.

This month’s Tots100 and Centre Parcs Blogging Challenge was to make homemade ice lollies. My 3 year old jumped at the chance of getting creative and making some more yummy ice lollies. Some of you may remember seeing our Fro-Yo Fruit Pops: chunks of fruit covered in Greek yogurt and dipped in sprinkles.


They were a real success story in our house but we (I) thought we would have a go at something different this time. Continue reading

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Alphabet Photography ~ I

I is for … intrigue.


I really enjoy going for a walk through a Bluebell Wood. The sea of violet blue is breathtaking.  The interest and intrigue which is captured in this photo is priceless, coupled with the large stick that he found along the way depicts to me, the innocence of childhood. I love seeing Harley totally captured by nature; I love seeing his muddy shoes and his grubby hands. I love watching him explore. It is then that I know he has had fun and made precious memories for both him and I.

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photo (39)

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Brilliant, Ozeri

Some of you may remember reading my review of the Ozeri Earth Pan. In case you missed it, you can find it here. I was so impressed with its size and how easy it was to clean that I was delighted to be asked to review their new Elite Chef Black Ceramic Knife Set, which is not even out in the UK yet.


The set consists of a 3″ Paring Knife, a 5″ Slicing Knife and a 6″ Chef’s Knife, all of which are 100% ceramic.

The knives are so sharp that it was so easy to cut through potatoes, vegetables and meat. Ozeri say that “…by utilizing the purest ceramic, each blade is close in hardness to diamonds and preserves its razor-sharpness 10 times longer than traditional blades.” I could certainly notice the difference on initial use, as the ease of cutting, chopping and dicing was very apparent. The knives also look a cut above (see what I did there?!) because of the black ceramic blades, they look so smart. Ozeri use the purest ceramic so the knives are really light in terms of weight and are also believed not to corrode or rust like a conventional steel knife, subsequently prolonging their life, proving more cost effective.

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When I grow up, I want to be

My little boy is only 3
Yet already he knows what he want to be:

“A Footballer is top of the list
A penalty I’ve never missed.
I score a goal, I cheer and beam,
I’m always on the winning team!

Perhaps a Policeman fighting crime,
Making siren sounds, all the time.
A Fireman working day or night
I’d drive the engine with flashing lights.

photo 1 (33)

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