World Cup Activity Ideas


With less than 2 weeks to go until the start of the World Cup, why not embrace the enthusiasm of your little ones (or stimulate some enthusiasm) for this iconic event of the Sporting Calendar, with some fun World Cup activities?

We can’t go wrong offering some World Cup treats to bake and eat! Take a look at my Pinterest Board to see some yummy treats for inspiration:

 My life. My love.’s board World Cup treats on Pinterest.

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Outdoor Fun ~Going on a Bear Hunt

photo (55)

You may have seen last week, that I shared a truly fantastic book by Dawn Issac called 101 Things for Kids to do Outside, published by Kyle Books. Last week, we completed The Matchbox Challenge, you can read about it here.

This week, Harley wanted to go on a bear hunt!

What a lovely idea. Simply hide teddies and soft toys, outside for the children to find. Dawn explains how ‘toys are exceptionally good hide-and-seekers; they have never been known to giggle, sneeze or burp!’ Harley loved the concept of one of his teddies making a rude noise whilst it was hiding in a bush!

photo (66)

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A Must-Have for any Kitchen


In the past, I have spent a fortune on a range of kitchenware products that have promised to offer me value for money; products that have claimed to be the best in their field and products that have simply looked good in my kitchen.

If you were to open our Pan Drawer, you would find 6 frying pans and woks of different makes and sizes! All I want from a frying pan is one which is big enough to hold everything that I want to cook in it and most importantly, one which is non-stick. But none have ever come up to the mark, hence why I keep buying more to try!

That was until, I tried the Stainless Steel Earth Pan by Ozeri.

photo 1 (13)
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Rainy Days Boredom Jar

Seeing the look on my little boy’s face as his nose is pressed up against the door looking out into a wet and drizzly garden, is a sad little picture.

“It’s raining, I’m bored! What shall I do?” is a question that I used to have to think long and hard about, before I answered. To avoid the risk of always offering Soft Play as an option (my purse couldn’t afford it anyway!) I have come up with some fun activities for a rainy day.

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Alphabet Photography ~ C

This week, C is for Cloud.


I love this action shot which we captured during a game of Frisbee in the forest.

We took a picnic to a lovely spot in the New Forest called Wilverley Plain. It is a large expense of open grassy lawn, edged by woodland, perfect for fun and games. We played cricket, rounders, tennis, even had an old, traditional egg and spoon race! You can read all about our day out at Wilverley Plain, here. We were so lucky with the weather, sunny and warm with a little bit of cloud, perfect for the Alphabet Photography Project.

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A Perfect Spot in the New Forest ~ Wilverley Plain

photo 1 (11)

When I was little, I used to love nothing more than going for a picnic in the forest and playing games with my mum and dad and sister. It’s a memory which makes me smile and I hope my children will grow up and look back with fondness at doing similar activities.

This weekend, was one of my favourites. On Sunday, we all went into the New Forest to have a picnic and play some games. My mum did a bit of ‘Googling’ to find a good spot, because although we have always lived locally, there aren’t many large open spaces in the forest that could cater for my boys’ competitive Rounders match! Continue reading

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Outdoor Fun ~The Matchbox Challenge

With three lovely boys who always want to be outside, sometimes a bit of creativity is needed to inject a bit of variety into the inevitable football. So I’m going to be sharing some of the ideas that we have enjoyed, from a truly wonderful book ‘101 Things For kids to do Outside’ by Dawn Issac.

So, with Half Term upon us and the kids at home, why not have a go at one of Dawn’s ideas, The Matchbox Challenge? Continue reading

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Tricks for Tricky Toddler Skills


I thought it might be worth sharing some of the tricks or practices which we have used at home to help Harley develop some of the tricky essential life skills, that a poor old toddler might be faced with.
They are by no means the correct way to do things necessarily, but have proved handy little tips in our household. Continue reading

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Cherish the moments #5


My memories of this week are about my birthday. Thank you to all of my lovely family and friends for making it super special!

It has to be the sound of my little boy’s excitement as he ran in to wake me up in the morning. He loved opening my presents for me and hearing him sing ‘Happy Birthday’ is the cutest sound in the world.
My sense of touch is depicted through the comforting feeling of warmth from the sun and the cool splashing of water.
It was such a lovely sunny day for my birthday so we had the paddling pool out in the afternoon. Harley tried out his new wetsuit which we got him for the beach this Summer and Lola ‘cooed’ and ‘ahhed’ in the tent which we used as a sun shield. I wish we could have this weather all year round. Continue reading

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Alphabet Photography Project ~ B

This week, B is for bubbles…


We were enjoying an afternoon at the park when to Harley’s delight another little boy had quite literally the world’s biggest tube of bubbles! The wand was so big that it made the most amazing bubbles that blew all over the park. When the sunlight caught the bubbles at a certain angle, it made them appear to change colour. It was quite spectacular seeing balls of shining gold, green, blue and purple float through the air. Harley had so much fun chasing after them. He was so excited when a large bubble landed on his shoulder; I wasn’t quite fast enough to capture that on camera!

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Echo Baby Art

photo (40)

My favourite part about being pregnant was feeling my baby kick. Oddly enough, I actually missed that feeling of closeness when both my children were born, even though they were here in my arms. I missed the feeling of my baby playing inside, it was like a secret that only I knew of.  Continue reading

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An A to Z of Us

A – Z of Us

So, just in case you wanted to know a little bit more about us and our little life… here is an A to Z of us:

A is for Ali, that’s me! Wife, mummy, step-mum, cook (not a very good one) Malteaser eater, secret dancer and all round good egg, I think!

B is for the Blues. We are all massive Everton fans (well I just go along with it because I’m awash with boys who are) I love the passion that watching their beloved team, instills in my men folk, from 3 years to 30 something years old! Continue reading

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Cherish the Moments #4


My moments of the week are:

On Friday, Lola had her 4 month jabs. I always feel so mean taking her into the room as she’s giving me a beaming smile, blissfully unaware of the subsequent events! Her painful cry as a needle was jabbed into both her legs was heartbreaking. Essential yet so hard to see real tears run down her chubby cheeks. No more now until she is 1, phew!  Continue reading

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If his shoes could talk

'Just for Show' Baby Shoes!

‘Just for Show’ Baby Shoes

I went to Harley’s pre-school parent’s evening this week. 2 Rainbow Ranger Awards under his belt, the boy’s doing good, bless him. But the ever increasing awareness that I have, of my son only wanting to be outdoors, is clearly apparent amongst his teachers too.

Before I was a mummy I had a picture perfect vision of sitting with my child at the table, colouring, doing little drawings, trying to pretend I didn’t mind pen getting everywhere. But as much as I tried to encourage Harley to put pencil to paper, he would never sit still long enough to draw anything which may resemble his ever hopeful mother, or perhaps his house, a dog or even a sun. So for his Keyworker at pre-school to say, “Harley would much rather be active and choose the activities that are outside rather than sit down and be creative,” it’s not a complete shock to me.  Continue reading

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Alphabet Photography Project ~A

I saw this idea of the Alphabet Photography from Charly at PODcast

Each week, you share a photo which represents a letter of the alphabet. The theme can be interpreted in any way. It could simply be an object which starts with that letter, a colour, or perhaps an emotion.

Now, I’m no talented photographer by any stretch of the imagination, my husband enjoys photography and has a snazzy camera but I simply take pictures on my phone.

So for the first week, this is our photo:

photo 1 (3)

The weather was lovely today, washing hung out on the line and a walk on the heath with Harley and Lola is one of my favourite ways to spend a morning. Continue reading

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I’m a MAMA Academy Ambassador

New Ambassador badge (1)

I was so lucky to have very ‘easy’ pregnancies with both my son and daughter. I had none of the typical morning sickness and to my disappointment, I had no bizarre cravings. I did have hideous heart burn though, which I could have done without!  Despite feeling well all the way through, I was put in the High Risk group because I had a fibroid. Luckily this caused me no problems or pain but it did mean that I had lots more scans which I counted as a blessing.  Continue reading

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